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A publication by the students, about the students, and for the students of White Station High School

White Station Scroll

Some social media apps encourage users to limit their screen time or take regular breaks from content intake. Many people wanting to reduce the time they spend on their phone make the effort to set these screen time limits for social media, gaming, and other non-productive apps.

Taking a break from scrolling

Chitkala Alli, Managing Editor March 22, 2024

Do you ever find yourself scrolling for what seems like only ten minutes, and then you glance at the time and it’s already been an hour? With the emergence of faster paced content due to social media...

A distance runner learned through running how important it is to have the right foods, and in order to inspire others to be healthy, she created the Instagram account @goodfoodgoodrun. She prides herself for having a page that promotes healthy and enjoyable lifestyles.

The reality of diet culture on social media

Sophia Campbell, Writer April 12, 2021

Every body works differently than others, and there are healthy and unhealthy bodies of every type. If this is a widely accepted fact, then why does society still force the unrealistic idea that being...

A poll posted on the Scroll’s Instagram story reveals that the majority of students believe in the overall benevolence of trigger warnings. Out of 66 votes, 57 voted for the warnings being more positive, and seven voted the opposite.

The pros of content trigger warnings in social media

Hannia Antunez, Writer December 11, 2020

Over the past year, there has been an increase of content trigger warnings displayed in social media. These warnings are used to cover posts that include sensitive topics that could cause negative emotions...

Despite the growing amount of social media sites allowing people to post and share information anytime and anywhere they want, teens have to be aware of certain internet safety precautions.

The importance of internet safety in the realm of social media

Justin Kouch December 18, 2018

Yoohoo. Ding. Swoosh. The sounds of social media ring through our lives, controlling what we do every day. The vast amount of choices for social media allows everyone to text, tweet, snap or post anything...

Should students be disciplined for controversial social media posts?

Caroline Hoff April 11, 2018

The average teenager spends around nine hours each day in front of a screen consuming media and posting content for the whole world to see. Often times, students just expect their friends and followers...

Hanna Star and the Teenage Teenagers perform in June at Rock and Romp

Hanna Star/Used with permission

Bands get social

Caitlin Lloyd, Layout Editor March 6, 2016

With 1.4 million followers on Twitter, HALSEY has become a musician that almost anyone can recognize by name. Her bright blonde pixie cut defines the alternative pop music scene, spreading awareness of...

Social media benefits the classroom

Jeremy Leake September 30, 2013

Though most people would think of social networking solely as a source of entertainment, today social media sites are creeping their way into the classrooms. Students and teachers everywhere are tweeting,...

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