Social media benefits the classroom

Though most people would think of social networking solely as a source of entertainment, today social media sites are creeping their way into the classrooms. Students and teachers everywhere are tweeting, making statuses and posting pictures to further enhance the effectiveness of their classroom experience.

Many teachers are searching for the best way to communicate with their students. More are becoming tech savvy in order to reach their students in the most effective way. Increasingly, these teachers are turning to social media.

White Station students attend seven different classes each day. The numerous assignments are no benefit to people who are very forgetful. Teachers who embrace social media may be able to reach students who do not remember information from class.

Nithya Vemula, a sophomore, said, “More people will respond to social media than writing it in their agenda book.”

Nithya uses Facebookto keep up with her clubs and classes. She says that it is helpful to see reminders from her teachers about their homework assignments and upcoming tests.

With this new avenue of communication, there is also more responsibility that comes along with it. Ms. Davis, a chemistry teacher, created Twitter and Facebook accounts for her students this year. She tweets and posts daily, reminding them of their homework and what to bring to class; therefore, she expects those students who use social media to be prepared for class the next day. Ms. Davis said, “Students have no excuse for not knowing the class schedule.”

Students spend so much time using social media that it has become a big part of their lives. They check their notifications to see who said what and learn about the drama that occurs at school.

Many times, this source of information is abused through cyber bullying, which is becoming prevalent in high school. These sites could cause problems, because it could divert the positive purpose to a negative situation, such as a student being bullied.

Though it has risks, social media has potential to better the school as well. It gives students a voice to express their opinions – in 140 character of less, of course.

Overall, social media can give the administration new ideas on how to change their school. Nithya Vemula said, “Different organizations can step up and promote good change in the school.”

Aside from academic achievement, the main goal of high school should be to have a student body that represents diverse students with one common goal: unity. Embracing this new source of information and communication can unify our school, but only if the students are willing to work together and participate in school events.

Ms. Davis said, “The more students involved in activities, the better we are as a school.”