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Hannia Antunez, News & Feature Team Leader

Hannia Antunez is a senior and a third-year member of The Scroll. She is involved in multiple extracurriculars around the school including Key Club, Humane Society, and the lady spartans lacrosse team. In her spare time, you can find her watching newly-released shows, volunteering, or even painting canvases. Hannia looks forward to her final year on The Scroll and hopes she can help her team win many Best-of-Sno awards.

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Yaritza Trejo (12) fights for possession of the ball against the Collierville Dragons. While the Spartans put up a tough fight, they ultimately lost the game by a close score.

Trejos vs Manuels — showdown of the trios

Hannia Antunez, News & Feature Team Leader
December 22, 2022
A Gas user’s profile contains their number of friends, how many times their name has been chosen for a poll and what the top polls they have been selected on are. The social networking app was quickly downloaded by millions of teenagers as it boosted many people’s ego.

Will the trend of Gas finally pass?

Hannia Antunez, News & Feature Team Leader
November 28, 2022
An image of Frida Kahlo can be found outside of Leslie Thornton’s Spanish class. Students were assigned the task of creating multicolored paper flowers, a popular Mexican practice.

Celebrating the end of Hispanic Heritage Month

Hannia Antunez, News & Feature Team Leader
October 27, 2022
Starting from the furthest back left to front right Jason Niu (10), Cabell Mercer (12), Elias Clements (12), Adithya Kumar (11), Kevin Chang (12), Kayden Li (10), Allen Guo (10), Saphe Khader (10), Nia Reed (11), Eva Raffel (10), Emily Wei (11) and Joseph Lei (10) display their robot, Eudoxes, in the midst of the competition. While Team 5045 missed a key component of their team, Shivam Aarya (12), they still put up a fight and advanced onto the final round.

Team 5045 crushes the 2022 Ozark Mountain Brawl

Hannia Antunez, News & Feature Team Leader
October 3, 2022
Kimora McGee (12) craftily styles her client’s hair into soft locs. Her business, kashdoesmyhair, has steadily grown in popularity over the past year and a half.

McGee’s balance of hair and fame

Hannia Antunez, News and Feature Team Leader
May 19, 2022
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Hannia Antunez