The importance of internet safety in the realm of social media


Despite the growing amount of social media sites allowing people to post and share information anytime and anywhere they want, teens have to be aware of certain internet safety precautions.

Yoohoo. Ding. Swoosh. The sounds of social media ring through our lives, controlling what we do every day.

The vast amount of choices for social media allows everyone to text, tweet, snap or post anything that they want anytime they want. On one hand, social media is a way for both the younger and older generations to connect with friends and family.

“I think it’s really convenient. That way I don’t have to leave the house to publicize something or talk to someone,” Alan Lopez (11) said.

However, with these new advances in society, there are also drawbacks that can affect the future of any user.

Internet safety is one of the main concerns of social media today. A widespread epidemic of hacking forces users to be more aware of what they post on social media. Officials of Google reported that 20 percent of the population will have their social media hacked at some point. This cautions people to be more aware of what they share, such as personal information. AP Literature and Honors English teacher Monique Fisher, whose mother was a systems analyst for Redstone Arsenal, was taught about internet safety and proper use. Because Fisher is a teacher at White Station, she must be cautious of what she posts on her social media.

“I have to really watch [what I post on social media],” Fisher said. “I don’t always put all my feelings or my interests about things. I only friend people after they’ve graduated, so I’m really aware of making sure that I have no personal connection with anyone in that sense.”

Social media also provides colleges and employers insight into prospective students’ and employees’ lives. One post could sway a decision on the acceptance of an applicant, forcing many social media users to be mindful of posted content.

“I think about my future and what’s more important: posting this picture or getting into college or getting a job,” Ali Fowler (12) said.

Social media is one of the most engaging new features in technology today, but users must recognize how to use it properly and safely.