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2017-2018 Staff

Chloe Griffith

Student Life, Layout Editor

Chloe Griffith is a junior at White Station and a first year scroll staff member. She enjoys babysitting, traveling, hanging out with friends, and being a camp counselor during the summer. She played soccer at White Station for the past two years but ...

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Caroline Hoff

Viewpoint, Photographer, Social Media

Caroline Hoff is an 11th grader and first-year Scroll staff member at White Station High School. She is friendly, hard-working, and driven.  In her free time, she enjoys traveling, walking her dogs, going to Pure Barre, working on artwork, and helping...

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Isabella Shaw

Student Life, Social Media

Isabella Shaw is a junior at White Station High School and is a first-year Scroll Staff member. Isabella has been a cheerleader since her freshman year of high school. While not at school you can catch her hanging with her friends and binge watching her...

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Sloan Huebner

Viewpoint, Copy Editor, Photographer

Sloan Huebner is a first-year member on the Scroll Staff. This is her second year on the Spartan Cross Country and Track Team and she can be found running with her teammates all year round at Shelby Farms. In addition to running, Sloan is a dedicated...

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Jessica Lam

Viewpoint, Copy Editor

Jessica Lam is a funny, easy-going junior and first-year Scroll member at White Station High School. She loves working with other people and hanging out with friends. Jess spends her time eating, walking her dog, playing oboe in the youth symphony, practicing...

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Isis Davis

Arts & Entertainment, Online Editor, Photographer

Isis Davis is a sophomore engaging in her first year as a member of the Scroll staff. Reading, writing, and especially loving turtles serve as anchors in her life. She passes her days by writing and modeling for LOVE Girls magazine, participating in youth...

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Mira Milman

Sports, Layout Editor

Mira Milman is an amiable junior ecstatic to be making her first appearance on the White Station Scroll. She is a third-year member of the varsity cheer team where she can be found cheering on the football team weekly during Friday Night Lights. Other th...

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Kennedy Ray

Arts & Entertainment, Business Manager

Kennedy is a sophomore at White Station High School and a first-year staff member. Her passions include dancing, singing, acting, and anything that has to do with music.  She is a member of White Station's advanced orchestra, and she participates in...

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Ricki Le

Arts & Entertainment, Layout Editor, Social Media

Ricki Le is an 11th grader at White Station High School and a first-year member of the Scroll. She is a hardworking student that is a member of various clubs for White Station like Best Buddies, Make-A-Wish, and DECA and is also a part of a college prep...

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Kathryn Haynes

Student Life, Copy Editor

Katheryn Haynes is a first-year staff member of the Scroll. She is a junior in her second year of cross country and third year of track. She is involved in the St. Jude Club and Make-A-Wish. In her free time, she loves to play piano, guitar, and sing....

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Annie Leow

Student Life, Photographer, Social Media

Annie Leow is a sophomore at White Station High School and a first-year member of journalism. She dances at New Ballet Ensemble and School and is involved with the NBE student board as her class representative. Annie is also involved with her youth group...

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Lydia Williams

Student Life, Photographer

Lydia Williams is a sophomore at White Station High School this year. She participates in Best Buddies, is on the swim team, and enjoys learning Japanese. She has also played piano for the past 4 years and loves all genres of music . . . except country! Lydia...

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Eva Winfrey

Arts & Entertainment Team Leader

Eva Winfrey is a senior at White Station High School and is a member of the National Honors Society, the Tri-M Music Honors Society, the WSHS Wind Ensemble, and is drum major of the Spartan Marching Band while working part-time at JCPenney.  She enjoys class...

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Abe Nahmias

Sports, Social Media Team Leader

Abe Nahmias is a 12th grader at White Station High School. Abe is a simple man; he enjoys long walks on the beach and writing stellar articles. Throughout Abe’s life, he has always aspired to be a writer, and being on the Scroll staff will assist that...

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Courtney Mitchell

Viewpoint Team Leader

Courtney Mitchell is a senior at White Station and a second-year staff member on The Scroll. She is a writer and the team leader for Viewpoint. She currently serves as the events coordinator for the Best Buddies club and is also actively involved in her...

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Sarah Liu

Student Life, Layout Team Leader

Sarah is an ambitious, fun-loving senior at White Station High School. She enjoys making art, cooking, playing the flute, hanging out with friends and family, and watching Criminal Minds. She is a member of various groups and clubs such as Memphis Youth...

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Eva McDonald

Sports, Photography Team Leader

Senior Sports Writer Eva McDonald is a second-year Scroll Staff member. She is President of Best Buddies and is actively involved in other school organizations such as St. Jude Club and Make-a-Wish. When she isn't volunteering at local museums, you'll...

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Joshua Leow

Sports Team Leader

Joshua Leow is a senior and a second-year staff member. As Sports Team Leader, he is interested in sports, especially tennis. Josh plays tennis and trains five to six days a week. In addition to sports, Josh also enjoys playing violin. Starting from a y...

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Shwetha Ganesh

Managing Editor

Shwetha is an eternal optimist by finding joy in the small things in life and loves to see the good in everyone. Even though she’s a busy senior, she likes to be involved in her community through Mock Trial, Green Team, Model UN, and dance, but she also...

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Becca Folkes-Lallo

Student Life Team Leader

Becca Folkes-Lallo is a junior at White Station High School. Becca is a committed Bridge Builder and a proud social activist. She enjoys long nights binge watching TV shows on Netflix. Becca is bubbly, passionate, and very talkative. Debating is her favo...

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Ben Charney


Ben Charney is currently a 12th grader, senior, at White Station High School. He has a passion for covering sports and reporting for the Scroll Newspaper. Ben is an avid fan of the Memphis Grizzlies and enjoys attending home games. His favorite place...

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Keyarash Hatamzadeh

Chief Editor

Keyarash Hatamzadeh is a very involved student at White Station High School who has excellence, ambition, and determination running through his veins. As a Senior, Hatamzadeh is returning to staff for his third year. As Editor in Chief of The Scroll, Hatamzadeh plans to bring positive ch...

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