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A publication by the students, about the students, and for the students of White Station High School

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The most dangerous ingredient to look out for, vitamin E acetate, is connected to acute vaping illness and lung injury. Smoking carts has been seen as a more efficient method of cannabis consumption because fewer cannabinoids and terpenes are burnt off in the decarboxylation process and less cannabis is needed to receive the effects of the drug.

Are you a victim of the ‘cartdemic’; The increased use of THC among teens

Shania Moore, Layout Lead May 15, 2024

The faint scent of marijuana when using high school bathrooms has been attributed to a phenomenon coined the “cartdemic” by teenagers nationwide on social media platforms like TikTok. The term “cartdemic”...

(Left to right) Arielle Brent (12) and Angel Ochoa (12) pose together in green before going to prom. Although the duo did not follow the Mardi Gras theme, they took a more “traditional” approach to prom and took inspiration from Brent’s favorite movie “The Princess and the Frog”.

Deck the halls with glitz and glamor

Ellen Tan, Layout Team April 19, 2024

From the excitement of "prom-posals" to the glitz and glamor of Mardi Gras masks and the allure of prom night, many seniors gather together to take a photo and remember this night of their last year in...

The impact of TikTok and the virality of music

The impact of TikTok and the virality of music

Ellen Tan, Layout Team April 18, 2024

From watching, creating or commenting on videos, social media apps like TikTok have shifted how people are introduced to new music, artists or genres through its short-form content. TikTok has influenced...

Procrastinating homework is delaying or postponing completing the assignment. Despite the amount of homework that ends up accumulating due to procrastination, students may end up procrastinating because of stress or lack of energy due to excessive commitments outside of school.

Homework: is it necessarily a necessity?

Ellen Tan, Layout Team April 2, 2024

Among the endless stacks of assignments from different classes under a dimly lit desk lamp sits a stressed student. The stress that many students encounter during the school year has sparked an ongoing...

Generation Z, or simply Gen Z, is defined as the generation that grew up in a digital age, with technology and social media playing an integral part in their lives. The incorporation of technology has the potential to transform the workplace for both employers and employees.

Entering the battlefield with a different perspective

Ellen Tan, Layout Team March 22, 2024

Whether it is to wear a white coat as a doctor, dazzle under the spotlight as a pop singer or sit in a three-walled cubicle of a corporate nine-to-five job, many envision different lives for themselves...

Some social media apps encourage users to limit their screen time or take regular breaks from content intake. Many people wanting to reduce the time they spend on their phone make the effort to set these screen time limits for social media, gaming, and other non-productive apps.

Taking a break from scrolling

Chitkala Alli, Managing Editor March 22, 2024

Do you ever find yourself scrolling for what seems like only ten minutes, and then you glance at the time and it’s already been an hour? With the emergence of faster paced content due to social media...

(Left to right, top to bottom) Lena Zeng (12), Yidan Zeng and Lily Zeng celebrate Lena’s second birthday. Lily and Yidan are both older than Lena, three years and 13 years respectively.

To all of the siblings I’ve loved before

Ellen Tan, Layout Team February 12, 2024

Many older siblings have been by their younger siblings’ side since the moment the younger sibling opened their eyes. Whether it was to witness their first step, their first day of school or even their...

The television show adaptation of “Percy Jackson & the Olympians” was based on the original book series written by Rick Riordan, specifically following the plot of “The Lightning Thief”. Although a second season is not yet confirmed, the current season will have eight episodes.

Spoilers ahead: overview of Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Ellen Tan, Layout Team January 4, 2024

Alright, another day at school; you’ll need a backpack, check. A sandwich without cheese, check. A pen that can turn into a sword … now that wasn’t on the list. “Percy Jackson and the Olympians”...

A study from Northwestern University sampled American adults from 2006 to 2018 and 2011 to 2018 and found that the Flynn effect was reversed. The steepest trends where the IQ, or intelligence quotient, decreased occurred for people aged 18-22 and with lower levels of education.

Coming back from the pandemic: the effects of online learning

Ellen Tan, Layout Team December 14, 2023

In academic settings, the intelligence quotient (IQ) has been used to determine things like whether or not a student would need more or less help with completing schoolwork or what classes a student should...

Students experiencing senioritis can be seen putting their heads down and sleeping during class. Senioritis makes some students feel unwilling to participate in class.

Senioritis: A widespread epidemic

Chitkala Alli, Managing Editor December 12, 2023

Put yourself in the shoes of a senior in high school. You can see the finish line, you’re almost there—but first you have a two page essay due by midnight and a math test tomorrow. After nearly thirteen...

Bee club members pose with their club’s poster during the club fair September 21. Due to the new policy, Bee Club and other clubs have only been meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

New school year, new club rules

Jill Allert, Writer November 13, 2023

During the 2022-2023 school year, clubs ran every day after school, and students were free to join as many clubs as they liked. Now, for the 2023-2024 school year, new policies have been instituted that...

Kalice Woods (10) takes a selfie with Ella Marszalek (10) on Mean Girls day during homecoming spirit week. Woods’ sweater and unitard were both purchased from Shein.

Debate between quality and cost

Erin Maury, Business Manager November 1, 2023

“My top is from Shein, my pants are from Shein, my shoes are from Shein, and my jewelry is from Shein.” Shein is a popular site among teenagers where they can find clothing and accessories in any style...

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