The wait is over; students return to in-person learning


Bella Tichenor

Two students sit outside of White Station High School. Shelby County Schools (SCS) announced the option to return to in-person school for students.

After nine months of virtual school, Shelby County Schools (SCS) announced that students could choose to attend school in-person and that the normal school hours of 7:15 to 2:15 would be in place again. Those who have chosen to return had a multitude of reasons, from failing while in virtual school to looking for human connection.

When SCS first announced its decision, many were taken by surprise that in-person school was finally taking place after being postponed multiple times. Some students knew immediately that they wanted to return to being physically present in school, while others took some time to think and decide what they wanted to do.

“I think in-person helps me a lot, and I needed to go back, it was time,” Alexandra Shirley (10) said. “I think I need the preparation because next year we are going to be back in-person, and it is going to be absolutely crazy when everyone is coming back at the same time.”

Virtual school had a big impact on how students performed in school: while some flourished, others struggled. Some students found that it is easier to get distracted at home, which makes it hard to focus and learn the material, while others stated that the lack of physical connection with their teachers discouraged them from asking questions when they did not understand something.

“I was failing … I had no motivation at home, so I went to school to get my grades up,” Katie Rodriguez (10) said. “I’m actually at a desk, having time to do my work without any distractions.”

The reversion of school hours has been received positively by many students. The earlier ending time allows students the chance to get done during daylight hours, as well as the chance for more free time.

“I like the 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. because I get out early … I feel like [in the 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.] I just felt so tired after school,” Rodriguez said. “I feel like I have more time after school to do my work. Even though it’s just an hour, it’s something.”

Sophomore class vice-president, Bella Tichenor, encourages students at White Station to try to return to in-person learning as a way to unite once again. 

“I encourage those that can to come to school to help us get back to normal…to get us back together as Spartans,” Bella Tichenor (10) said.