Lady Spartans lacrosse team welcomes new assistant coach

Sophia Aiello

March 6, 2020

At the sideline of the field stands the Lady Spartans lacrosse team’s new assistant coach. Trae Williams watches as his team goes from defense to offense, assisting the players with instructions and motivation. “After I just finished three months of my son playing tackle football, my wife came home and told me...

White Station High School is striving to form a water polo team. This competitive sport requires the player to swim while also performing volleyball and soccer style moves.

Water Polo coming to WSHS

February 12, 2020

History of homecoming

Justin Kouch, Viewpoint Team Leader

January 20, 2020

White Station has had a football and basketball homecoming as long as anyone can remember, but what is the actual purpose of this tradition? Homecoming week now is a week-long celebration that leads up to the homecoming ga...

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