Mightier than the sword



Elaina Fleming (11) is deep in thought as she scribbles down ideas for her next story. Fleming has been passionate about writing since sixth grade.

The scrape of a pencil against paper. The click of fingers on a keyboard. According to student writers, these are the sounds of freedom. 

Bele Triu (12), Monica Williams (12) and Elaina Fleming (11) all developed a passion for writing that extends beyond the walls of the classroom. 

“I best communicate how I feel through my writing, and it’s helped me to better understand myself and more things that I’m passionate about,” Williams said. 

Williams is a part of Wattpad, a social media platform that connects readers and writers around the world. Fleming, on the other hand, competes in writing competitions and takes the creative writing class offered at White Station. 

“I have this dream to write a large series like Harry Potter…Those series have helped a lot of `people grow into themselves because they have characters that people can relate to and giant worlds. They make people happy,” Fleming said. “If I can make one person happy with my writing, I’d feel accomplished.” 

Triu believes that the opportunities at White Station have helped her grow as a writer. 

“When I came to White Station, I met a lot of different people from different places, races, religions and economic positions,” Triu said. “That has really opened up my eyes… I incorporate the people, cultures and religions around me into my writing.” 

Because of writing, Williams, Fleming and Triu have built communication skills, brought joy to others and discovered a passion they plan to continue for years to come. 

“When I pick up a pen or when I pick up my laptop and open a new document, I can write about whatever I want,” Williams said. “There’s no boundaries… It’s just the freedom and creative aspect of it all that attracts me so much to writing.”