It’s natural, it’s normal and it’s time to talk.

Rachel Parkison, Student Life Team Leader

March 27, 2020

As far as society has come, it’s amazing how many taboos still linger. One of the strangest and most persistent is reproductive health.  The stigma surrounding reproductive health, which, according to the World Health Organization...

Dear rising senior

Kathryn Todd, A&E Team Leader

March 27, 2020

Dear Rising Senior,  There’s a lot of hype around this year. There’s a lot of pressure because of this year. You’ll face mystery, suspense, serenity and chaos. The expectations you have may or may not come to life. It...

Mastering the Common App one word at a time

Justin Kouch, Viewpoint Team Leader

March 26, 2020

For students who plan on applying for competitive colleges in the near future, the most daunting part is slowly approaching: the Common App. But what are the most important things to think about when completing it? “The f...

Mindfulness and meditation

Kyla Randle

March 25, 2020

In high school, dealing with the constant worries of grades, classes and homework can be stressful. However, Angelica Shirley, a Spanish teacher at WSHS, helps students work through these problems with the practice of meditation...

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