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A publication by the students, about the students, and for the students of White Station High School

White Station Scroll

Jackson performs as the featured twirler for a parade. She has participated in many such parades in her twirling career.

Jackson twirls into White Station

Evan Easley, Lead Copyeditor May 15, 2024

For many students, White Station’s pep rallies may seem quite repetitive; the band plays their music, the sports teams come out and occasionally some students play a dodgeball game. However, when Anisah...

The most dangerous ingredient to look out for, vitamin E acetate, is connected to acute vaping illness and lung injury. Smoking carts has been seen as a more efficient method of cannabis consumption because fewer cannabinoids and terpenes are burnt off in the decarboxylation process and less cannabis is needed to receive the effects of the drug.

Are you a victim of the ‘cartdemic’; The increased use of THC among teens

Shania Moore, Layout Lead May 15, 2024

The faint scent of marijuana when using high school bathrooms has been attributed to a phenomenon coined the “cartdemic” by teenagers nationwide on social media platforms like TikTok. The term “cartdemic”...

Teacher spotlights!

Chitkala Alli, Managing Editor May 15, 2024

Ms. Phillips-Burk What role do you hold at White Station?   “I am the student teacher for Mr. Massey who is the choir director. So, generally I teach first period which is treble choir, an...

The White Station band, composed of every grade level, regularly performs at football games and other events. Many of the underclassmen band members have been mentored by the senior members on how to perform certain techniques.

Freshmen say goodbye to seniors

Evan Easley, Lead Copyeditor April 23, 2024

One month remains. You will soon don your cap and gown, get on stage and receive your diploma. Many seniors have been ardently anticipating this event for the last few months; however, for the freshman...

After heating metal in a furnace, Andrew Benton (12) prepares to hammer the piece to establish a blade. After honing his skills, Benton has been able to improve his strength and project vision while blacksmithing.

Fire and forge — the story of Benton

Kate Metcalf, News and Features Team Leader April 23, 2024

A fire burning at temperatures up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, a hammer drumming against metal on the anvil and skilled hands toiling for hours come together to form the masterpiece of a blacksmith’s...

Abby Mitchell (10) and Carter Mitchell (9) talk in the car on the way to a camp. Both attend White Station High School and are 15 months apart in age.

Rocky to reasonable — sibling relationships

Erin Maury, Business Manager April 23, 2024

Sibling. A person you spend the first parts of your life with. They can be a built-in best friend or your sworn enemy. Despite occasional troubles, a relationship between siblings can be special. One...

(Left to right) Arielle Brent (12) and Angel Ochoa (12) pose together in green before going to prom. Although the duo did not follow the Mardi Gras theme, they took a more “traditional” approach to prom and took inspiration from Brent’s favorite movie “The Princess and the Frog”.

Deck the halls with glitz and glamor

Ellen Tan, Layout Team April 19, 2024

From the excitement of "prom-posals" to the glitz and glamor of Mardi Gras masks and the allure of prom night, many seniors gather together to take a photo and remember this night of their last year in...

One of Lena Zeng (12)’s coworkers Jack Webster prepares to check in customers at Wang’s Mandarin House. Hosts and hostesses such as Zeng and Webster often have other duties beyond hosting.

Hosting and servicing customers as students

Evan Easley, Lead Copyeditor April 18, 2024

It’s time. You drive over, clock in, put on your uniform and get to work greeting customers or running their food. Many students at White Station High experience a similar cycle for many hours over several...

Alison Hollis has taught at White Station for 3 years. Hollis teaches 10th Honors English and Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition.

Teacher spotlight: senior edition

Jill Allert, Writer April 18, 2024

Alison Hollis  10th Honors English, Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition   What’s your favorite thing about teaching seniors? “I like teaching seniors because they...

Students celebrate Homecoming Week by dancing in the picnic area during C lunch. On class distinction day, seniors dress and act as senior citizens.

Spartan spirit: a unique campus identity

Erin Maury, Business Manager April 18, 2024

White Station High School’s (WSHS) student body includes many people from different cultures and backgrounds. With so much diversity, students are not only able to learn about other cultures, but also...

The impact of TikTok and the virality of music

The impact of TikTok and the virality of music

Ellen Tan, Layout Team April 18, 2024

From watching, creating or commenting on videos, social media apps like TikTok have shifted how people are introduced to new music, artists or genres through its short-form content. TikTok has influenced...

The White Station mock trial team poses for a picture on competition day. The team competed at the Shelby County Courthouse in downtown Memphis.

Court is in session for the mock trial team

Robin Guthrie, Writer April 2, 2024

Tensions are high within the courtroom — a battle of persuasion and logic. The team has been preparing their case for several months and it all comes down to this limited time at the stand. What will...

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