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A publication by the students, about the students, and for the students of White Station High School

White Station Scroll

Astrology is a system that describes the effect that the placement of stars and planets at the time of a person’s birth correlates to their personality. Many White Station students are fascinated with the idea of astrology.

Symbols in the sky: astrology provides guidance to followers

Jackie Ann Crislip, Online Editor March 1, 2021

How could the position of planets and stars hundreds of millions of miles away dictate the unique personalities and actions of seven billion people? Astrology has a major following, which includes many...

Carolina Calvo (8) poses new to two fellow Young Women Against Injustice members and a representitive of NAACP Memphis. YWAI’s first voter registration drive was held at Memphis Rox and succeeded in registering 80 people.

Young women fight for their political voice

Jackie Ann Crislip, Online Editor October 25, 2020

Since 1765, with calls for no taxation without representation, Americans have fought to have their voices heard, and yet, around half of the population today doesn’t vote. With the Presidential election...

  Jara Jawneh (12)  poses wearing one of Kala Boutique’s Africa kerr necklaces. Kala Boutique was founded by Jawneh and offers Africa kerr necklaces and other jewelry products for sale.

Shine bright like a diamond: Jawneh encourages cultural pride through jewelry business

Jackie Ann Crislip, Online Editor October 23, 2020

Most teenagers spent their elongated summer vacation binge-watching Netflix and procrastinating on homework. Jara Jawneh (12), on the other hand, became the CEO of her very own business.  “When I...

Bayley Jones (12), dressed in her green cap and gown, poses in front of White Station High School. The Spartan Class of 2020 received their caps and gowns on their designated locker clean out day.

SCS senior plan

Jackie Ann Crislip May 29, 2020

Graduation. Prom. The last day of high school. These are all things that COVID-19 has taken from the Class of 2020- at least in the traditional sense.  However, Shelby County Schools has created a plan...

Rainbow flags line Beale Street during the Mid-South Pride Fest, representing protests for rights of the LGBT+ community. One of the flags waved was the Transgender flag; the light blue, pink, and white colors respectivly symbolize baby boys, baby girls, and transitioning or undefined genders.

Gender expression at White Station

Jackie Ann Crislip March 23, 2020

It’s hard to be different. But at White Station, many transgender students have found a place where they are free to be themselves.  “I came out the summer before my junior year, and since then...

A new course is coming to White Station High School next year. Student will be able to take yoga and gain a sense of peace among their busy schedules.

Yoga comes to White Station

Jackie Ann Crislip March 12, 2020

Downward dog. Mediation. Stretching. These are the things that typically come to mind when students think about yoga. But the reality of yoga is much more complex and demanding than students realize.  White...

Elaina Fleming (11) is deep in thought as she scribbles down ideas for her next story. Fleming has been passionate about writing since sixth grade.

Mightier than the sword

Jackie Ann Crislip February 28, 2020

The scrape of a pencil against paper. The click of fingers on a keyboard. According to student writers, these are the sounds of freedom.  Bele Triu (12), Monica Williams (12) and Elaina Fleming (11)...

NASAs rover will make a 172.21 million mile journey from Earth to Mars in 2020. Elaina Fleming (11) was one of the students competing for the honor of naming the rover.

Shooting for the Stars

Jackie Ann Crislip January 24, 2020

In 2020, the year with perfect vision, many milestones await, one of these being NASA’s mission to send a new rover to Mars. However, before the Mars 2020 Rover is launched, it’s going to need a name.  Future...

Tanya Prahalathan (10), Shivani Menon, Minnu Reddivari (10), Elina Salian (10), Sharika Sivakumar, and Arya Rajesh (9) pose at an event for the Tamil Association. These Bharatanatyam dancers meet for practice once a week and perform together several times a year.

Storytelling through dance: The art of Bharatanatyam

Jackie Ann Crislip January 6, 2020

  In the Darshini Natyalaya School of Dance, music, gestures and intricate steps combine to tell stories. Arya Rajesh (9), Tanya Prahalathan (10), Minnu Reddivari (10) and Elina Salian (10) have...

Vance Gieselmann (11) and Antonyio Walker (11) interact with a representative at a half-day career fair. The career fair allowed Spartans to explore their interests.

New half-days provide enrichment opportunities

Jackie Ann Crislip December 18, 2019

  The bell rings and students rush to the exits一school’s out three hours early. Early dismissal is a result of the eight half-days included in the new SCS calendar.  “[The] idea was that...

Brazley-Rodgers beams as she prepares for a day of coaching fellow-educators. She was excited to join the Spartan staff.

White Station welcomes new personal learning coach

Jackie Ann Crislip December 9, 2019

The behind the scenes orchestrators of education are the personal learning coaches. PLCs provide support to the school community and ensure that learning commences smoothly. Marshetta Brazley-Rodgers became...

White Station hosts a career fair

White Station hosts a career fair

Jackie Ann Crislip November 22, 2019

A detective. An astronaut. A football player. These were responses once given to the question that has followed students throughout childhood: What do you want to be when you grow up? Upon entrance into...

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