Growing tennis team aims for state


Joshua Leow

Takuma Walter (10) practices his swing at a competition in Murfreesboro.

As winter turns into spring, members of the tennis team make the daily walk to the courts, racquet in hand, with goals they wish to accomplish individually and as a team. The Spartan tennis team, a passionate group with many combined years of training, is taking on the new season with huge aspirations.

Until this season, White Station’s tennis program had never had a junior varsity team. Since the program experienced much growth in the past few years, an inaugural JV team was added this year. These two teams train together at Leftwich Tennis Center with their coach and sponsor, Jan Vincent Waller.

“This new addition of JV is building up our team and bringing in a new group of hopeful underclassmen,” Neil Arora (11) said.
Since the players spend almost every day together, positive team chemistry is essential to their success on and off the court.

“We are a unit that is based on teamwork and friendship. Tennis is known to be an individual sport, but when it comes to playing as a school team, that’s where it changes,” Takuma Walter (10) said.

The drive to qualify for state is a main focus in each player’s mind. Since this success requires much dedication, the team plans on practicing both together and privately with their own coaches.

“To prepare for the upcoming matches, we will have at least one team practice each week, and everyone will also train individually,” Louis Todd (11) said.

The team is bound for success this season with one goal in mind: winning the TSSAA State Championships.