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A publication by the students, about the students, and for the students of White Station High School

White Station Scroll

The White Station High School marching band’s drum majors, color guard captains, drumline captain and co-captain and president present the three trophies they won at the Arlington Open Invitational. The band won first place in all three categories within their division.

A harmonious triumph at the Arlington Open Invitational

Jane Mercer, Podcast Director October 30, 2023

Marching across the field to take their places, the musicians' hearts race. All is silent until the first note of “Soul Vaccination” by Tower of Power envelops the stadium. On Sept. 23, the marching...

Joseph Powell stands with his wife in Saint Albans Cathedral in St. Albans England. Choir allowed Powell to travel the world as a musician in residency with his church, Calvary Episcopal.

The four horsemen of the music-pocalypse

Sophia Marmion and Kate Metcalf March 3, 2023

Rehearsing, conducting and teaching — the White Station music teachers devote their lives both in and out of school to the world of music. But behind school doors, who are these teachers? How did they...

Cayenne Stevens (12) plays Seven Nation Army on the flute. As part of the marching band, it is Stevens’s job to help hype up students and show support for the football team.

Marching to the beat: the overlooked part of football season

Chase Pittman, Arts & Entertainment Team Leader October 31, 2022

The hot sun beats down, music hums through the humid air and heavy feet mark intricate patterns on the band practice field. Since mid-August, the marching band has been tirelessly rehearsing material to...

Brian Sims introduces Eddie Clark to his band students through Microsoft Teams. Clark is a professional bass trombone player with nearly 40 years of experience.

Band classes meet jazz musicians virtually

Sophia Aiello, Writer April 21, 2021

Logging into class, band students see an unfamiliar face on screen with the name Eddie Clark. After an introduction, Clark begins telling the players about his musical career. A question-and-answer session...

Joseph Powell, pictured far right, sings in a sextet in the Memphis Symphony Chorus for the Magic of Memphis Holiday Concert, with the conductor of the Symphony, Robert Moody, singing in the middle. They were singing “The Rose” as performed by Bette Midler.

The men behind our music

Katie Lamm, Social Media Lead February 21, 2021

When you are a musician, it’s impossible to not perform whenever, wherever and however possible. Brian Sims, Dr. Andrew Palmer, Joseph Powell and Daniel Massey have always been, and will never stop being...

Adam Brooks (12) plays his trumpet, sheet music and laptop at hand. Restrictive virtual policies and snarky trumpet jokes alike haven’t stopped students from making music.

Virtual school giving you treble? Music classes cope online

Molly Yuan, Chief Copy Editor October 25, 2020

How many trumpet players does it take to change a lightbulb? Five. One to handle the bulb and four to tell him how much better they could have done it. See anything wrong with this joke? No, it’s not...

The new Shelby County Schools grading policy divided grades into five categories, each with a minimum assignment number. Participation, for example, is worth 5% of students’ overall grade, and teachers must have a minimum of four homework assignments per quarter.

District implements new grading scale policy

Caitlin Tate and Emlyn Polatty January 6, 2020

Two weeks into the 2019-2020 school year, Shelby County Schools implemented a one size fits all mandatory grading scale. While some see the new consistency as beneficial, the lack of individuality within...

White Station jazz students showcase their talents on the corner of Patterson and Central at the University of Memphis. This was their first out-of-school performance of the semester.

The Rhythm of Success: How the WSHS Jazz Band Prepares for the Real World

Molly Yuan October 21, 2019

The White Station Jazz Band took the spotlight in a community arts showcase held at the University of Memphis on Saturday, Oct. 5. The event included performances by the different fine arts programs...

It has been several years since the White Station Marching Band has participated in a competition. This year, the band dipped a toe into the world of competitive marching through the Briarcrest Christian School Marching Band Invitational.

Marching band attends Briarcrest marching invitational

Rachel Parkison, Student Life Team Leader October 7, 2019

On the last Saturday of Sept., the White Station Marching Band participated in the Marching Band Invitational at Briarcrest Christian School. This was the band’s first competition since director Brian...

Jazz Band prepares for the April 21 All-City WTSBOA Jazz Festival with the song “Black Coffee.”

Jazz band in full swing

Tara Fredenburg, Copy editor, Arts and Entertainment May 13, 2016

Jazz music has been a medium of creative expression since its early 20th century formation in the Deep South. White Station’s Jazz Band course has transferred this style to the educational environment. Brian...

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