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A publication by the students, about the students, and for the students of White Station High School

White Station Scroll

Mr. Lawrence films as actors run down the hall during the making of “Cliffhanger: Return of a Blue Ghost.” This movie took place of the 2021 play and can be viewed on YouTube.

Lawrence’s lasting impact on Spartan theater

Maya Zelinski, Writer March 2, 2023

Last fall, actors practiced multiple days a week for three months approaching the annual play, all leading up to three successful performances of “12 Angry Jurors.” With their achievement,...

The cast of “12 Angry Jurors” receive a shower of flowers and applause after the last showing on Nov. 5.

A review and reflection of “12 Angry Jurors”

Elias Clements, Podcast Producer November 28, 2022

On the backside of the stage lights, the audience sinks into the hollow shadow of the auditorium and basks in the light of the actors up Olympus’ steps. They watch as the cast exchange moments of...

New episodes of the radio show are posted weekly on Lawrence’s Youtube channel Drive Home Reviews. Each video contains a slideshow with information pertaining to the original performance of the script.

Thespian radio show, “Theatre on the Air,” now in its second season

CJ Santo, Writer April 20, 2021

Season two of “Theatre on the Air” continues to provide thespians with the excitement of performance through 1930s and ‘40s radio scripts. The online radio show opens up new possibilities for both...

Posted weekly on video platform Youtube, each episode contains historic information about the actors and crew involved in the original radio shows. All research is garnered by teacher Brandon Lawrence who also pieces together the audio and music clips for the final product.

From on the stage to on the air: Spartan theatre goes to radio

Emlyn Polatty May 26, 2020

Though their spring performance was cancelled due to corona, White Station theatre students have turned to old fashioned radio shows as an outlet for their creativity. Started about a month ago, “Theatre...

Blue Ghost haunts Spartan Stage

Emlyn Polatty, Social Media Lead December 3, 2019

If there’s one thing everybody loves to hate, it’s a cliffhanger. In the 1940s, short films called cliffhanger serials would play before actual films, always ending with the hero in some perilous situation...

2019 movie season promises strong premieres and sequels

Emlyn Polatty May 6, 2019

Film as an art form serves to connect, entertain and reveal new perspectives to audiences, crossing boundaries such as language or country of origin. 2018 saw many notable movies, such as blockbuster hits...

Chloe Zelinka (11) and Abbye Friedman (9) engage in tense argument.

“Antigone” comes to White Station

Isis Davis November 2, 2017

A decree. A noose. And therein lies the most crucial element: the witty theatric faces behind it. This winter, fifteen White Station students will perform “Antigone,” a play following Creon and Antigone’s...

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