2019 movie season promises strong premieres and sequels

Film as an art form serves to connect, entertain and reveal new perspectives to audiences, crossing boundaries such as language or country of origin. 2018 saw many notable movies, such as blockbuster hits Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asians. As the 2018 award season comes to a close, audiences worldwide are looking towards new movies in the 2019 season with popcorn popped and expectations high.

Many of the highly anticipated films of 2019, such as  Avengers: Endgame or How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World are a part of sagas or trilogies years in the making. An even larger number of new movies are sequels to blockbuster hits, such as Disney’s Frozen 2, or the horror hit It: Chapter Two. While many are excited for the continuation of these stories, moviegoers sometimes wonder whether producers are overdoing these plots.

“There are some sequels that I’m very happy about, like if it’s like Infinity War or whatever, that’s fine,” says Michael Meitzler (12), “But stuff like Frozen 2 or Secret Life of Pets Two, it doesn’t need a sequel.”

Theatre teacher Brandon Lawrence, who reviews movies on YouTube in his free time, finds the sequel problem to lie more with audiences rather than movie makers themselves. However, unlike many audiences who feel like sequels ruin the primary film, he makes opinions on a case by case basis.

“I think a lot of times we just have an inability to let concepts die and let them go. I think each film you have to take on its own merit,” Lawrence said.

Whether they are sequels, sagas or stand alones, like new teen romance Five Feet Apart, millions of dollars will be spent on tickets to new films in 2019.

Junior Ayaka Koga will be a frequent audience member this 2019 film season, as movies are her way to take a break from the real world.

“A good movie engages the audience and distracts you from your real life problems,” Koga said. “If you’re going through some stuff at home they’re something that completely takes your mind off it.”


Emlyn Polatty