Super Bowl LVII: Chiefs vs. Eagles


The Kansas City Chiefs are going against the Philadelphia Eagles on Feb. 12, 2023 at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. The prices for Super Bowl tickets ranged from $4,886 all the way to $23,748 for the club level premium section.

The high school football game atmosphere is like nothing else. Imagine all of those sounds – the whooping, cheering, and yelling — condensed in a tiny living room. That is what you can expect on Super Bowl Sunday which is Feb. 12, 2023.

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles will face off for the title at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, accompanied by Ms. Fenty herself, Rihanna, for the halftime show. Going into the superbowl, the Eagles are a statistically better team but there are still fans that are confident in the Chief’s abilities.

“I really believe the chiefs are gonna win, and nobody can stop me [from believing it].” D’Korian Bobbitt (9) said.

Although the quarterback for the Eagles, Jalen Hurts, has a 66.5% pass completion rate, averaging 8.0 yards per attempt — Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback for the chiefs, has been in the superbowl twice before this, with one win and 5,250 passing yards during this season.

“[I want the] Eagles [to win], they’re the best team right now, and I don’t want Patrick Mahomes to win,” Kendric Degraffreed (9) said. “He already had his time.”

Many Super Bowl watchers believe that trading away wide receiver, Tyreek Hill, has put them at a disadvantage against the Eagles, not to mention that the Chiefs are already considered a more disorganized team.

“The [Eagles] are most likely to win and they should win,” Degraffreed said. “Patrick Mahomes lost his receiver, I just don”t think they can pull it off.”

The half-time show is the highlight of the Super Bowl for many. To the delight of fans, this year’s performance will be by music icon Rihanna.

“I’m so excited to watch her put on this performance, she always knows exactly what to do” Arielle Brent (11) said. “I love her.”

Alongside the half-time show, the ads played during the Super Bowl have always been a fan favorite. A very well-known commercial is Apple’s 1984 advertisement that introduced the new ‘Macintosh’ computer coined for its ability to speak.

“I’m ready to see all the commercial ideas for this year’s Super Bowl,” Brent said. “They’re always interesting and funny.”

Another aspect of the Super Bowl is fans making endless bets on who they think will win during the days leading up to the face-off. Many spartans decide to make bets with peers based on statistics and their own personal feelings about players and the teams themselves.

“I’m going to watch [the Super Bowl] at home in my room, I have to concentrate so the Eagles win,” Degraffreed said. “I put $20 on the Eagles.”