Orchestra trip opens eyes of students

Members of the White Station orchestra rushed to the University of Memphis and watched college students sing, perform and play instruments on Oct. 30.For students Shawn Meng (10) and Ainsley Grant (10), the trip was a worthwhile experience. 

“We went to the University of Memphis to see their students perform some different acts in opera, jazz and classical music,” Meng, a violinist, said. “I liked the jazz the best because I really enjoyed the different instruments and how they came together with the solos.”

Besides the auditory appeal of the performances, students can recount discoveries they made by going to the University of Memphis.

“I learned that saxophones can play a quartet [and] that there are a lot of ways to experience new music,” Grant, who has played the violin for five years, said.

Meng elaborates on how the trip broadened his mindset and furthered his awareness of music in Memphis. 

“I learned that we have a very good music program right here in Memphis, and good classical music is… [something] we can actually go watch here,” Meng said. 

Watching college-level musicians also reminded students that playing an instrument does not have to end with high school. 

“I saw how students pretty close to my skill level were able to perform and have fun with their instruments, and I’d like to think that if I was in college, I’d also be using my instrument,” Meng said. 

Overall, the trip to the University of Memphis was time well spent by students granted the opportunity. 

“I got to see new people in Memphis and the college it has,” Grant said. “I wish we could’ve stayed longer.”