What it’s like to be a long-distance runner

Michelle Le, Writer

December 17, 2019

While most are still sleeping soundly at 4:30 a.m., Zoe Wolfe (11) gets up, grabs a granola bar and goes on a six-mile run.  Although she started running when she noticed that it elevated her friend’s soccer skills, running has become a staple in her life.  “My first run ...

New year, new Sparty

Michelle Le, Writer

December 9, 2019

A packed student section. Friday night lights. Loud, cheerful chants. The only thing missing from a typical football game was the mascot: Sparty. Luckily, Stevion Young (12) took up the mantle and led White Station to the playoffs.  Young heard about the opportuni...

Orchestra trip opens eyes of students

Michelle Le

November 12, 2019

Members of the White Station orchestra rushed to the University of Memphis and watched college students sing, perform and play instruments on Oct. 30.For students Shawn Meng (10) and Ainsley Grant (10), the trip was a worthwhile...

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Michelle Le