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2016-2017 Staff

Brandon Mensah

Arts & Entertainment

Brandon Mensah is a current sophomore at White Station High School. He is an aspiring journalist, photographer and three-instrument musician, and  he is proud of his Ghanaian heritage. Brandon spends his free time writing poems or working on instrumenta...

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Shreya Visvanathan


Shreya Visvanathan is a junior and first-year staff member. She enjoys spending her time playing tennis and participating in Model UN and the Red Cross Club. Although she plans on majoring in biology, she is highly interested in the different aspects of jou...

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Jerin Alam

Student Life, Layout Editor

Jerin Alam is a junior first-year staff member. She likes to spend her time with friends or binge watching the show she is obsessed with at the time. She is an active member of the Robotics Team and Green Team, and she loves to volunteer. She plans t...

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Eva Winfrey

Arts & Entertainment, Equipment Manager

Eva Winfrey enjoys writing, reading, and playing clarinet. She is a part of the White Station High School marching band and wind ensemble. Her aspiration in life is to work for Entertainment Weekly or People magazine in New York City. She plans on attending New Yo...

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Abe Nahmias

Sports, Head of Social Media

Abe Nahmias is an 11th grader at White Station High School. Throughout Abe’s life, he has always aspired to be a writer, and being on the Scroll staff will assist that dream. He is sixteen years old, and describes himself as “friendly and  humorous...

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Courtney Mitchell

Viewpoint, Layout Editor

Courtney Mitchell is a radiant junior at White Station and a first-year scroll staff member. She has big dreams of exploring the ruins of ancient Greece and discovering the secret to world peace but for now, she settles for reading really bad romances...

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Sarah Liu

Student Life, Layout Editor

Sarah is a flamboyant, ambitious junior at White Station High School. She is a coffee enthusiast who enjoys art and design, playing the flute, Netflixing, and cooking. You will often find her chilling at home because going out is just too much of a hassl...

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Felicity Meadows

Student Life, Copy Editor

Felicity is a junior at White Station and spends most of her time with her friends or in her room with her guitar. She is constantly busy and way overcommitted, but she works best under stress. Most of her time and effort goes into Mock Trial where she ...

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Eva McDonald

Sports, Photographer

Junior Eva McDonald is a first year on the Scroll Staff. She is involved in school organizations such as St. Jude Club, Make-a-Wish, and is the Vice President of Best Buddies. When she’s not at school, you’ll find her at a park playing lacrosse or o...

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Joshua Leow

Sports, Layout Editor

Joshua Leow is a junior and a first-year staff member. He is interested in sports, especially tennis, and basketball. While he does not play basketball, Josh does play tennis. He trains five to six days a week. In addition to sports, Josh also enjoys pla...

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Megha Krishnan

Student Life

Megha Krishnan has gone through many phases in her life. In second grade alone, she thought she was a dog, a psychic, and a god- which is just dog spelled backwards. Currently, she is acting the part of a stressed high school junior. Her greatest joy...

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Shwetha Ganesh

Arts & Entertainment

Shwetha is a junior and likes to stay busy by being heavily involved in extracurriculars like Mock Trial, Green Team, Red Cross, and the varsity tennis team, but she also finds time to wind down by surfing the internet and running marathons (on Netfl...

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Becca Folkes-Lallo

Student Life, Layout Editor

Becca Folkes-Lallo is a junior at White Station High School. Becca is a committed Bridge Builder, and a proud social activist. She enjoys long nights binge watching TV shows on Netflix. Becca is bubbly, passionate, and very talkative. Debating is her...

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Ben Charney


Ben Charney is currently an 11th grader at White Station High School. He has an immense passion for covering new and decided to take his talents to The Scroll. There, he will provide The Scroll with his writing skills. Ben is an active member of the ...

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Anna Hutcheson

Viewpoint, Online Editor

Anna Hutcheson is a junior at White Station High School. You'll either find her with her headphones in listening to music or looking at pictures of dogs on her phone. She also loves to read, take photos, and bake and is constantly experimenting with n...

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Tanya Tandon

Viewpoint, Online Editor

Tanya Tandon is a senior at White Station High School. Tanya has an aura that embodies the diversity of the activities she participates in. She is a leader in her community in more ways than one, whether it be as the founder of Indian Club at her school or...

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Tara Fredenburg


Tara Fredenburg is the Editor in Chief, a Senior, a third-year staff member, a layout monkey, and a former copy editor. Her interests include human rights activism, LGBT+ culture, and comedy. She has studied creative writing and satire under the Duke TIP p...

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Jada Akoto

Arts & Entertainment , Sr. Layout Editor

Jada is a senior at White Station High School and this is her second year on the Scroll Staff. She enjoys spending her days inside because moving around is simply too much work. She is a self-described "concert junkie" and would spend her last dollar...

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Lillie Hixson

Student Life

Lillie Hixson is a second year staff member and senior. She likes to write and is the current president of her youth group. She has been interested in journalism since a young age and loves to learn new things as a writer. After school she works with chi...

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Camryn Corbin

Student Life, Business Manager

Camryn Corbin is a senior at White Station, and this is her second year on the Scroll Staff. She writes for the Student Life section, and she is the Business Manager of The Scroll. She currently serves as Vice President of Activities on White Station’s...

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Keyarash Hatamzadeh


Sports Writer Keyarash Hatamzadeh is an involved student at White Station High School who has excellence, ambition, and determination running through his ice cold veins. As a Junior, Hatamzadeh is returning to staff for his second year. Landing two fr...

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Sydney Prather

Main Editor

Sydney is so excited that someone is actually reading the bios! She is a senior at White Station and a third-year staff member for the Scroll. She is a teen company member at Stage Door Productions and hopes to continue her work in the community throu...

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