Celebrating Star Wars’s past, present and future

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, the battles between the Jedi and Sith were still erupting. With so many stories left to be told, the Star Wars franchise continues to develop. During the three day Star Wars Celebration event, there were many announcements made for upcoming Star Wars projects. Along with announcing more seasons for existing shows such as “The Bad Batch” and “Andor,” there were also new films announced. With so many projects in the making, many fans are discussing the development of the well-known franchise and their expectations for it; each decision they make will be weighed heavily by fans who have followed them for years.

“Star Wars has just been a big part of my childhood,” Jimmy He (12) said. “Whenever I don’t know what to watch, I just watch Star Wars.”

One of the largest announcements was the release date of the first season of “Ahsoka,” which was accompanied by a trailer. The “Ahsoka” show follows the well-known “Clone Wars” character who teams up with characters from the “Rebels” animated show. This show will be taking all of the animated characters and making them  live action, a decision that has been controversial in Star Wars’s recent media. 

“I’m very happy with [Ahsoka’s trailer], especially being such a big fan of ‘Rebels’,” Eli Jacobs (10) said. “Seeing how they’re taking different stuff from legends and lore into the Ahsoka show is cool, and I think they did a good job with the translation from animated to live action.”

Another anticipated project is the upcoming film that will follow the end of “The Mandalorian.” Though there is no confirmed plot or released cast list yet, the Mandalorian character is a fan favorite. The movie helps set up a path towards the sequels trilogy and will be directed by Dave Filoni, who is known for his work on “The Clone Wars” and “Kenobi.” However, after mixed reviews on the recent third season of the Mandalorian, many fans are unsure about this movie. 

“I don’t think [the movie] will be the greatest, I think it’s just a way to wrap up all of Dave Filoni’s projects,” Jacobs said. “I think it will make a lot of money, I’m just not very excited about it.”

The announcement of a new movie trilogy taking place after the sequels quickly traveled across social media platforms. “The Force Awakens,” the first movie in the sequel trilogy directed by J.J. Abrams starsred Rey, a young girl who quickly becomes aware of her force abilities. The new movies will continue to follow Rey, who will build up a new order of Jedi. These unprecedented films will take place in an era not yet explored, leaving the majority of the plot completely original. Many fans are worried, however, as Rey was a controversial character in the sequels. 

“I understand how a lot of people hate [Rey], but she was an interesting character in The Force Awakens,” He said. “I just really hope JJ Abrams just focuses on developing the character more than making her overpowered.”

Along with new projects, a few announcements declared the continuation of existing series. “The Bad Batch” and “Andor” are both recent shows on Disney+ with high approval ratings. “The Bad Batch” follows a clone troop after the events of the prequel trilogy, while “Andor” follows Cassian Andor before he stars in “Rogue One”. “Andor” is known for being less action-filled, instead focusing on the character’s background. 

“Andor was very different from other Star Wars shows, especially in the 2nd half of the season,” Joshua Robinson (10) said. “I hope that Lucasfilm and Disney will continue to make content about the life of characters before they became relevant to the storyline.”

With so many new project announcements, the prospect of Star Wars Celebration is still circulating the internet. The projects are both new creations, as well as continuations of previous fan favorites. Many opinions about the works differ, and the upcoming works are not yet detailed, but one thing is certain: Star Wars is here to stay for a long time. 

“Star Wars doesn’t always have to be the Skywalker saga, Star Wars can be a lot of different things,” He said. “Improving technology and improving the effects can generate more powerful stuff … the future of Star Wars is really promising.”

Eli Jacobs (10) enjoys taking photographs of various action figures and documenting it on his Instagram account @zuvio_studios. Jacobs has been in the Star Wars fandom since he was a child. (ELI JACOBS//USED WITH PERMISSION)
Star Wars Celebration took place from April 7th through 10th in Europe, and the next celebration will take place in Japan in 2025. Throughout this event, there were celebrity guests, panelists and opportunities for fans to connect with each other. (GOOGLE IMAGES)
Daisy Ridley, who played Rey in the sequels, was one of the celebrity guests that attended this year’s Star Wars Celebration. Ridley came on stage when the next movie trilogy was announced, surprising fans with her appearance. (GOOGLE IMAGES)