This is not my teacher



Bobbie Willis teaches the Play Where You Stay 2004 girls’ soccer team a new footwork drill during practice. Willis spends every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday coaching the PWYS team and even more time devoted to her students.

You enter your classroom, but your teacher is not in the room — instead, an unfamiliar face fills their seat. Who is this person, and how did they come to substitute at White Station? 


Two years ago, Bobbie Willis took up subbing while completing her Master’s program as a student at Christian Brothers University. Although she subbed for any school in need, she found a reason to continue coming to White Station High School. 

“White Station has always had a good reputation in the city,” Willis said. “[The school] always stood out to me, because I know it’s a good school. I mean, the kids are great there.” 

At White Station, Willis is able to connect with students and help her own career in education by communicating with students. Through subbing, she was able to gain experience for her role as a student teacher at Middle College High School, where she teaches Anatomy and Physiology and Biology. 

“I really like the hours [at White Station], and you kind of know that you’re not going to have any bad situations there,” Willis said. 

Outside of student teaching and subbing, Willis enjoys exploring Memphis with her fiance and dog, Skylar. Willis is the assistant coach for CBU’s women’s soccer team, the Lady Bucs, and coaches the Play Where You Stay 2004 girls’ soccer team.

“I’m subbing, but I’m also in school,” Willis said. “I’m in a Master’s [program] at CBU … and outside of that I just hang with my friends and my dog.” 

Although she is now in her student teaching semester at MCHS, she intends to return to White Station as a sub with her Master’s in teaching. 

“[Subbing at White Station] is an overall organized and pleasant experience in comparison to some other schools,” Willis said. 


After years of teaching, Robinette Fields retired from her role as an educator and spent her time traveling the world; however, two years later she found herself back in the classroom, subbing for White Station.

“I traveled for a couple of years, and then along came COVID, and I decided ‘Ok, I’ll sub until things get back to normal’,” Fields said. 

As demands for substitutes rose, Fields began to receive requests from teachers she had previously worked with. 

“[Alan] Harrison and I had taught at Wooddall High School together, and [Crystal] Davis and I had taught together, so I knew some of the faculty [at White Station] already,” Fields said. “They were some of the first teachers who started asking me to sub.” 

Knowing White Station’s atmosphere, she decided to return to her old role as a teacher in the form of a substitute. 

“White Station is the primary school [I sub for],” Fields said. “Sometimes I do Germantown High, and there are a couple of middle schools that I like … but I’m here mostly. Since I’ve worked with several teachers [at White Station] …  I knew it was a good environment.”

Outside of the classroom, Fields spends her time decorating. Although she loves interior design, whether it be indoors or outdoors, her greatest passion lies in traveling the world to experience new cultures. 

“Visiting other countries of course helps you to learn about yourself and other cultures,” Fields said. “I’ve gone to France, Greece, England, Turkey, Italy, Columbia, Puerto Rico — so I really do like traveling”

As a past teacher of English, French, Journalism, Theatre and African American Literature; Fields is always prepared to help students with assignments.

“I like to sub in subjects that I know about,” Fields said. “I’m not a sub that’s going to check the roll and sit down … there are a lot of subjects that I’m able to help kids with, especially in English and foreign languages.”