Cogbill’s business Eccentric Healing



Cogbill shows a sample of the bracelets on his website featuring lava stones, an om pendant and the word ‘shun.’ The bracelet was made custom to order and sold for $10.15.

Cogbill exhibits three of his custom bracelet samples, showing different colored lava stones, precious stones and the word “cancer.” The bracelets were sold for $10.15 each. (CHRISTIAN COGBILL//USED WITH PERMISSION)

Rarely do all the stars and planetary bodies align to come together with the need to sell rare items related to customers’ spiritual and material needs and wants like Christian Cogbill’s (12) Eccentric Healing. However, Cogbill’s business at @eccentrichealing on Instagram fulfills all these qualifiers and more.

To his customers, he is an astrologist and psychic that sells spiritual intuitive readings, custom jewelry and other spiritual items. For his own practices, Cogbill is a hoodoo practitioner.

“I will consider myself a tarot oracle card reader, a spiritual intuitive reader,” Cogbill said. “I practice African spirituality a lot, like African traditions that my grandmother did, and my great grandmother did.”

Cogbill was drawn by his family practices at a young age but did not understand or truly start practicing them until later. That was when he started asking questions and exploring his family traditions.

“My great grandma, she did a lot of things when I was younger, and I was confused,” Cogbill said. “She would always tell me to put salt outside and sweep it, and she would say [to] wash the front of your house to keep evil spirits away … So it’s just always been here, but I’d never got fully into it until high school and then started talking to [my family].”

His idea to make a business out of this sparked early on, but his friend from freshman year is who really inspired him to begin it. 

“I got [inspired by] a friend who was like, ‘You’re really good at your intuition,’” Cogbill said. 

He took that encouragement and ran, reaching out to a professional spiritual healer named Healing Whispers. She then told him what his purpose was.

“[She told me], ‘Your purpose is to be like a spiritual intuitive reader, a Reiki healer,’ and then I just started getting into it,” Cogbill said. “I just started doing readings for friends and family for free.”

Every word of encouragement from his customers helps the business grow as his confidence in his work and inspiration to work harder also grow.

“Everyone who gets a reading from me or says like, ‘You really did good,’ and [says] I predicted like everything I [said] came accurate in the readings; it really pushes me forward, like this is my God gift, my essences God gave me, so I love continuing doing that,” Cogbill said.

Through his business, Cogbill sells cleansing sage, custom jewelry and spiritual readings all for less than $15.

Cogbill displays a variety of his crystal necklaces created with twine and cleansed with Florida water before purchase. The necklaces were not made to order. (CHRISTIAN COGBILL//USED WITH PERMISSION)

“I’m definitely going to definitely evolve more,” Cogbill said. “My business will take off more and more. It’s going to evolve in the future.”

While he is confident in his business prowess, Cogbill is still learning to improve his spiritual practices. He takes the time to read up and practice to become more accurate while continuing to learn from his family to help continue their traditions. 

“My grandmother passed away, but I have aunts and a few other family members that practice certain traditions that we do,” Cogbill said. “So, I’ve talked to them about it and my cousin, she’s also a spiritual leader.”

Some specific rituals that Cogbill performs at home include cleansing objects with water from Florida.

“I take spiritual baths,” Cogbill said. “I take baths with Florida water. I clean my crystals with Florida water … I do traditional things, but I also clean my house with like money floor wash. I clean my floor with that. And like I’ve removed blockages for me and my mom, we spray that in our house.”

These traditions all play a large role in helping Eccentric Healing become better through hard work. Having sound spiritual practices helps Cogbill in many parts of life.

“I love healing products, holistic healing; I just love what I do,” Cogbill said. “I love everything about it. It’s like nothing that could stop me from doing what I do. I just love helping people, and I love making products to help people.”