The Pinterest revival: a new wave of creative ideas and aesthetics


Dottie Young

Using Pinterest as a means of expression and imagination builds a playground for artists and creative people alike. By creating boards to mix and match art pieces, it is easy to catch inspiration.

Oftentimes inspiration is needed for a project, cooking or just general decoration, but almost every artistic solution can be solved by a simple click from a web browser. Since Jan. 2010, Pinterest has been a popular website/app that has been providing moms with recipes and artists with references. The app has almost anything you’d need to refuel your brain with creativity. 

“Every other week or so when I’m looking for ideas or art references, I use Pinterest,” Mariam Ceesay (11) said. “I do commissions, and sometimes when I get asked for a character, I have to design ideas. I go there for images that might bring up something in my head.”

Originally it seemed that Pinterest was a place for moms to find DIY decorations for their kids or recipes to cook, but the website has resurfaced with a new type of aesthetic and audience. Whether you are looking for room inspiration, character icons, art, fashion, recipes, workout videos etc. there is always a Pinterest idea to pin. What makes it easy to stay glued to Pinterest is the constant supply of photos to grab and stick to a board. Boards are folder-like web pages that are an amazing place to outline creative outlets. Some even find themselves with a following if they’re boards match the likes of another. 

“I have boards for art references, boards for moods for future references, a board for character names, and I have a couple boards with fandom fanart,” Ceesay said. “There’s also a couple boards with tutorials for things I want to draw as well.” 

Many students who use Pinterest share similarities in what they choose to pin to their boards. Nowadays, artists and creative people make up a large portion of users on the website. 

“I don’t put stuff out there —I just collect it, but I use [Pinterest] to help me with something I’m drawing or if I don’t know what to wear,” Rehana Poindexter (9) said.  “I have a bunch of different [boards] for friends, for drawing, clothing, funny stuff, house builds, and I also have a wish list.”

Pinterest has come a long way from its popsicle stick animals, hair tutorials and wreath decorations, but no matter how someone uses it there’s always a community that pairs with it. That is what makes Pinterest special. Despite the lack of social media qualities, it can bring people together whether it be through commenting or through following a board similar to one’s taste. 

“You can find anything you really want,” Poindexter said. “It’s like a place where you want to go to look for inspiration.”