Notable podcasts listeners don’t want to miss


“Supernatural with Ashley Flowers” Podcast

“Supernatural With Ashley Flowers” is one amongst some of the most popular podcasts on the Spotify app. Grabbing listeners with her expressive voice, host Ashley Flowers dives deep into the mysterious disappearances, crimes and events throughout human history.

Familiarity with the voices from buzzing radio stations are recognizable across many generations.  In today’s world, the rise of on-demand tv, music and books has exploded in popularity, encouraging radio stations and other creative individuals to modernize how we consume audio communication. The resulting outcome, an array of varying podcasts, has risen in fame while forming its own niches and genres to match any listener that stumbles across it. Although sometimes overshadowed by the music industry, podcasts shine their own unique light in the way that they convey information. It’s as easy as plugging in a pair of headphones while taking in the groceries to listen to a few minutes of a story, advice or recommendations.

“Podcasts like the ‘Before the Pen’ podcast are different from other consumable media because they can be unedited and have raw discussions, just from what I know from my experience with podcasts,” Amalia Morton (11) said. “When I get the time, I usually listen to them while I work on my journal.”

For those who are new to podcasts or who are seasoned listeners, here are a few podcasts that might just pique your interest.

“Supernatural with Ashley Flowers”

Indulging in the wicked, weird, and downright wild, Ashley Flowers explores the history and theories of each twisting and complex episode; “Supernatural with Ashley Flowers” is a podcast that any crime junkie or mystery lover wouldn’t want to miss.

Episode Review: THE UNKNOWN: Kasper Hauser

Flowers typically presents the main history and storyline of each case first, and in this instance, we follow Kasper Hauser, a teenage boy said to have appeared in a small city in early 19th century Germany, that became a puzzling anomaly for many of the townspeople, professors and doctors in and outside of the country. Hauser could only speak the phrases “Horse, horse,” and “I want to be a rider just like my father was,” troubling the police in their search for his identity. There were notes found in the boy’s pocket that told the story of Hauser’s life living locked away in a dark room. Theories and more information eventually circled around the town about Hauser, and some suggested he had been stolen from a royal family and kept a secret. These theories led Hauser to his death when his second caretaker let him bleed out from a stab wound because he felt that Hauser did it for attention.

The captivating and mystified story of Kasper Hauser is just one out of many, new episodes of “Supernatural with Ashley Flowers” are released every Wednesday and can be found on the Parcast website, Spotify, iTunes and on many other streaming platforms.

“Hungry Girl: Chew the Right Thing!”

Beckoning all foodies, “the Hungry Girl” podcast explores products from various companies, TV shows and trends, such as the infamous pumpkin spice latte or Costco’s chicken meatballs. Host Lisa Lillien shares not only mouth watering recipes but also taste test reviews, personal food stories and her tips and tricks for the food world!

Episode Review: The Shark Tank Haul Episode 

This Shark Tank inspired episode features Lillien and her friends testing a wacky but innovative spatula, taste testing the Ka-Pop! Puffs and much more derived from the show. Anyone that is at least mildly interested in the food world should definitely check out “Hungry Girl” not only for its tips but also to check out new products for themselves. Just like the spatula, listeners might find products that can help out in the kitchen or foods that are incredibly delicious via the Hungry Girl episodes.

Other episodes from the “Hungry Girl” podcast were notable for listeners such as student, Sarina Milman (11). 

“The most enjoyable episode I’ve listened to is the [Trader Joe’s Haul] episode,” Milman said. “My mom and I listened to this when Trader Joe’s opened a location in Memphis, which made my mom even more excited for the store opening.”

“Before the Pen Podcast”

“If you simply enjoy stationery or note-taking, journaling, Instagram analytics, anything related to those then you will probably enjoy the ‘Before the Pen podcast’,” Morton said.

With less than ten episodes as of late, the “Before the Pen Podcast”, which started earlier this year, has already gained traction within the journaling community for its inspirational tips and tricks. The podcast proposes some of the best ideas for creating a suitable journal for the writer’s tastes, whether that be for studying, Instagram or for aesthetics.

Those who are unfamiliar with the concept of journaling or have an established history in journaling can easily learn something from the hosts of the “Before the Pen Podcast”.


Hosted by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, the “Radiolab” podcast is one for those who are interested in the world of science, mysteries and investigations. Its lengthy history, stemming all the way back to 2002, provides such an incredible amount of information that it may classify a listener as a genius if they were to binge every episode. Its early episodes were heard on radio stations and eventually moved on to podcast friendly websites; “Radiolab” is by far one of the most established and respected in podcast history.

“‘Radiolab’ is my favorite podcast,” Elina Salian (11) said. “The podcast hosts investigate strange occurrences and circumstances, often with scientific background. It is all around really captivating, and I think the hosts do a really good job investigating the stories and presenting them.”

Whether or not science themed mysteries is a subject that grabs your attention, podcasts are not limited only to the ones presented, but also a vast array of other subjects that can get you hooked on the media. 

“I think being able to listen to a podcast is really captivating, Salian said. “With television, we have to actively watch and listen, and with newspapers, we have to actively read. All of these forms of media are great as well, but listening to a story is my preferred method.”