Dear Rising Senior

Dear Rising Senior, 

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of the road. The hard work is almost done; you just have to make it through one more year. Your life is about to change. Everything you’ve ever known, every daily routine of school and activities, is going to morph into what lies in the great beyond. You’ll be preparing to enter and survive the real world, but don’t forget to cherish the final chapter of your journey to wherever you choose to go after your final step in the halls of White Station.

Have fun, turn up (not too hard) and make all the memories you can. You don’t want your last year of high school to be a complete burnout and have senioritis hit you early, even though it will eventually hit you pretty hard. But fight through it and stay lit.

Don’t completely neglect school just because you’re pretty much done. Especially avoid this once you’ve decided where you’re going or what you’re doing after you get that wonderfully coveted diploma in May. You still have to graduate, so don’t become a complete slacker.

It’s easier said than done, but try not to stress. Take a chill pill, cool down. There are a million deadlines and big decisions, possibly the biggest you’ve ever had to make. But don’t let such things overwhelm you; know that you’ll end up wherever you’re supposed to be, and everything will be okay. Plus you have counselors, friends, family and teachers to help you.

Know that this year will go by in a flash, so soak up every moment, every laugh, every tear and every furrowed brow. You’re in the last stretch of the race, and trust me, everyone wants to see you win.