Let’s get political!



The two major political parties are either Democrat or Republican. The political breakdown is important to knowing where you stand and what you will vote for in the next election.

Nowadays, it is important to know how different parties stand on certain issues. Here’s a political breakdown of the two major parties in order to know where they stand on issues relevant to us in 2020.

Liberal (i.e. Left) Conservative (i.e. Right)
Representative Party Democrat Republican
Business Increase regulation and worker protection Ease regulation and keep government out of business
Taxes Increase taxes Cut taxes
Abortion Pro woman’s choice Pro-life
Social Spending Increase spending to help low income, elderly, unemployed, or disabled people Decrease or maintain the programs we have now. People should take care of themselves
Defense Spending Decrease or maintain spending Increase spending on defense
Death Penalty (Capital Punishment) Ban Maintain current penalty
Governement Size Increase the government and use more socialistic policies Reduce the government and use more capitalistic policies
World Peace Negotiate first and only take military action if sanctioned by the U.N. and other world organizations Work with world bodies and use negotiation, but take unilateral pre-emptive action if necessary to protect America
Same Sex Marriage Leaglize Ban
Affrimative Action For (i.e. maintain race based preferences) Againist (i.e. ban race-based preferences)
ANWR Drilling Prevent the Alaska drilling Pursue this and other domestic oil sources
Kyoto Treaty (agreement aimed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and the presence of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.) Sign this treaty Don’t sign this treaty
Crime Protect the rights of the accused first and foremost Provide maximum punishment and protect the rights of the victim first and foremost
School Vouchers (a certificate of government funding for a student at a school chosen by the student or the student’s parents.) End the program Expand this program
Doctor Assisted Suicide Allow Prevent
Missile Defense Get rid of this program Pursue this program
Three Strikes Law (Mandatory life imprisonment if a convicted felon: (1) has been convicted in federal court of a “serious violent felony”; and (2) has two or more previous convictions in federal or state courts, at least one of which is a serious violent felony) Overturn this law Maintain and expand these laws
Minimum Wage Increase Lower or eliminate all together
Social Security Increase age of beginning eligibility (to age 68- 70) and increase salary limits subject to tax Privatize, i.e. allow citizens control over their money and allow stock investments
Health Care Make it 100% government controlled De-regulate and introduce free market reform
Personal Responsibility Government needs to protect people from themselves People should be responsible and held accountable for their own actions
Malpractice Lawsuits Do not cap punitive and pain/suffering damage amounts Cap punitive and pain/suffering damage amounts
Religion Maintain seperation of church and state; prevent faith-based government initiatives Introduce more religion in schools; allow faith-based initiatives