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A publication by the students, about the students, and for the students of White Station High School

White Station Scroll

Students experiencing senioritis can be seen putting their heads down and sleeping during class. Senioritis makes some students feel unwilling to participate in class.

Senioritis: A widespread epidemic

Chitkala Alli, Managing Editor December 12, 2023

Put yourself in the shoes of a senior in high school. You can see the finish line, you’re almost there—but first you have a two page essay due by midnight and a math test tomorrow. After nearly thirteen...

 Kyra Richard (11) with makeup in the style of Shironuri. Richard has been doing this makeup style for the past two years.

Makeup artists at White Station

Lei'lah Stocklin, Writer December 2, 2023

Rathsathida Rasasack (12) has always done makeup, but recently started The Rassy Glamistry on Instagram where one can book her for a look this past September.  “I always did makeup for other people...

During the 2023 spring White Station graduation ceremony, Alexandra Pappas poses with one of her students, White Station graduate Kyshan McKinley. Pappas is able to co-teach students in inclusion classes from all grade levels.

Teacher by day, student by night

Ellen Tan, Layout Team October 31, 2023

It is important to note that in order to teach in a classroom in Tennessee, one must have a teaching license from an accredited school.   All of the teachers who were interviewed for this...

Cayenne Stephens (12) as Fleance is embraced by Lady Macbeth during the coronation party scene in Macbeth. The role of Fleance required many hours of practice to remember lines and stage direction, and to build chemistry with actors.

Cayenne Stephens’s journey through theater

Chase Pittman, Arts and Entertainment Team Leader May 19, 2023

The curtains go up, bright lights beat down on painted faces and Cayenne Stephens (12), prepares for another show. Theater has been a key passion of hers for a long time, and over the years, she’s had...

Bobby Burnett (12) (second from left) is surrounded by some of his supportive football coaches: (left to right) Mason Rolland, Terrell Ruben and Edgar Williams. These coaches visited Burnett on one of his summer shifts after football practice.

Lunch breaks or summer break: students with jobs

Shania Moore, Layout Lead September 28, 2022

For most students, summer break is a time where they can relish staying out late at night, hanging out with friends and even going on vacation without having to stress about homework, upcoming tests, etc....

From glass to plastic, round to box, translucent to opaque, perfume and cologne come in many different shapes and sizes. With so much to choose from, its difficult to pick one, but this article outlines five easy steps to nosedive into the world of scent.

How to get into perfume and cologne in five steps

Aanya Kabra, Writer March 31, 2022

It is universally agreed upon that you should not wear the same outfit everyday. Some would take it a step even further and consider: why wear the same scent everyday? Challenging times from lack of...

Dahlia Townley-Bakewell uses Google Translate to help an Arabic-speaking student with his work. Since the beginning of the year, this student, who asked not to be photographed, has required the help of student-translators to understand complex math which can be difficult to translate.

Lost in translation: how a student is google-translating his way to academic success

Chase Pittman, Writer January 26, 2022

The student who is being tutored by Dahlia Townley-Bakewell opted to remain anonymous.   School is difficult enough for English-speaking students, but for those who are less proficient in English...

Grace Goodson (left front) and her co-worker at Baskin Robbins manage the cash register and display the day’s bounty. Freezers full of ice cream await their scooping and readiness to serve customers.

Fast food families

Alice Willard, Head of Layout December 7, 2021

Whether it be out of necessity or for enjoyment, many upperclassmen take on the responsibility that comes with starting their first jobs. Students like Ford Abney (12), who works at Torchy’s, start jobs...

Mrs. Harden helps a student with an assignment for her new class, Fundamentals of Teaching. This class is a recent addition to the WSHS curriculum, which allows students to explore teaching as a profession.

Students get a glimpse into the world of teaching with the new Fundamentals of Teaching class

Chase Pittman, Writer October 1, 2021

Most students have no idea what it’s like to be a teacher; they go to class and do their work but are only ever able to experience school as a student. Two new classes, which allow students to bridge...

Emmett Campbell’s (12) TikTok page shows his many videos. He has amassed over 19,600 followers creating popular content.

Students find fame through viral TikToks

Chase Pittman, Writer April 22, 2021

For most teens, TikTok is a way to share jokes, discover new ideas and keep up with celebrities. Some students, however, have found success making content that appeals to broad audiences.  Rylie Duke...

Shawn Meng (third from left) helps volunteers pour concrete for a ramp connecting the platform to the sidewalk. Months of hard work had led to successful completion of the ambitious project.

Meng upgrades prominent social area through scout project

Chase Pittman December 9, 2020

The sun beats down hard and sweat runs down masked faces. The sound of shovels on gravel fills the air as Shawn Meng (11), soon to be an Eagle Scout, leads student volunteers to build a platform that gives...

Marching down Madison Avenue, Jordan Occasionally and Allyson Smith lead chants calling for the defunding of police. Their August 1st protest drew both support and resistance from the Midtown community as they travelled from Overton Square to Cooper Young.

Students and alumni advocate for Black lives

Emlyn Polatty, Managing Editor October 26, 2020

“Dedicated to excellence”. The message that encourages Spartans to strive for the best in everything they do. In the cases of junior Talisa Elliott and alumni Allyson Smith and Jordan Occasionally,...

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