Principal Advisory Board meet to discuss potential improvements at White Station


Carrye Holland

Students discuss the stigma of mental health among the student population during the Principal Advisory Board meeting in the library.

On Sept. 9, prospective members of White Station High School’s new Principal Advisory Board met in the library to discuss possible issues to address within the student body. The meeting was led by Carrye Holland, first year principal of White Station. The purpose of the Principal Advisory Board is to allow students of White Station to have an outlet to voice their ideas and help enact change.

“I wanted students to be able to join and be a part of something where they felt like they could help enact change within the school,” Holland said.

The Principal Advisory Board will address key issues within the student body, and it is open to all students of White Station.

“Creating an inclusive environment and fostering self advocacy among the students is important,” Holland said.

Students involved in the program consider it an excellent opportunity.

“Mrs. Holland is looking for diversity, and anyone can be a part of it. I think it’s a really great opportunity,” said Anahis Luna (11), a member of the Principal Advisory Board. “I think it is a great way to get involved and make a change”