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Maadhu Krishnan, View Point Team Leader

Maadhu Krishnan is a senior and a third year member of the Scroll staff. She’s interested in science and she’s always had a passion for reading and writing. Her hobbies include playing the violin, knitting, baking,  and playing tennis. In her free time, she’s likely to be sleeping or frantically studying for something. Otherwise, she’s watching YouTube videos or talking to friends.

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Protesters fight against attacks against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the Bay Area of California, which is where many of these racist attacks have been taking place over the course of the past year.

The fight against anti-Asian racism

Maadhu Krishnan, Viewpoint Team Leader
April 20, 2021
Similar to other vaccines, the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine operates by allowing the immune system to generate antibodies against the production of the virus. There is minimal risk of DNA damage or other long term effects, though short term side effects are common after receiving the vaccine.

The science behind the COVID-19 vaccines

Maadhu Krishnan, Viewpoint Team Leader
February 21, 2021
With more colleges adapting to circumstances caused by COVID-19, students can choose whether or not to send their scores.

Test optional policies: the pros

Maadhu Krishnan, Viewpoint Team Leader
November 21, 2020
A venn diagram of 10 celebrities who have been canceled within the past year and their reputation today. Many celebrities have been unable to recover from being canceled online.

The cons of cancel culture

Maadhu Krishnan, Viewpoint Team Leader
November 21, 2020
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Maadhu Krishnan