White Station students debut their music via SoundCloud


SoundCloud reaches over 175 million global users monthly, making it one of the largest music platforms available. The music service’s unique ability to give every single person an opportunity to create and connect their music worldwide makes it attractive to teens, including White Station High School students.

Most musicians debut their work individually on SoundCloud; however, Carrington Body (12), Ethan Christensen (12), Sterling Parson (12), Rodney Shelton (12) and Dyare Younis (12) decided to combine their efforts to create a song..

“I wanted to be able to do my passion with my good friends. We all love music and thought it would be cool to make a song together,” Shelton said.

Although they each have their own SoundCloud account, their new song, “No Smoke,” will be posted on Younis’s account. The release date has yet to be announced.

“We have worked hard on this new song, and we are nearly done. We only have to add finishing touches to make it perfect,” Younis said.

Unlike the group, Jonas Boughter (10) writes and produces his own music. Having been on SoundCloud for over a year, Boughter, also known as Jonasty, has published seven original tracks with the help of Gordon Brode (10). Boughter also co-writes and co-produces songs through another account, Schumer Records, with Ian McMillin (10).

“Right now it’s easier than ever to make a song. All you need is GarageBand, YouTube and cheap headphones,” Boughter said.

These students’ determination to express their creativity, has given both the seniors and sophomores more than 10,000 streams on SoundCloud combined.

The popularity that some Memphis rappers received through SoundCloud has played a role in the White Station students’ mission to break into the music industry. Rappers like BlocBoy JB, Chris Travis and Xavier Wulf all started on SoundCloud and are now familiar names worldwide.

Influence from family has also played a role in their interest in rapping and making beats.

“Rap has been a big part of my life. My dad always played rap music around me,” Christensen said. “He used to rap and had let me into the studio when I was around five for the first time.”

The use of SoundCloud has transformed the music industry, introducing new names and faces. Its part in helping novice rappers release their music has made it appealing to everyday teens. Artists no longer need a recording studio, record label or an excessive amount of money; SoundCloud is available and attainable.