The Orpheum gears up for a star-studded Broadway season

Part of the Orpheum Theatre’s marquee hangs against a partly cloudy October sky. The theatre, which was rebuilt in 1928, still remains host to a number of touring Broadway shows and other performing arts opportunities every year.

Adapted from the star-studded shows lined up on Broadway, seven shows are set to entertain Memphis audiences until July of 2019 at the Orpheum Theatre. The French Revolution classic, Les Misérables, is set to begin Nov. 27, followed by Waitress, On Your Feet!, Fiddler on the Roof, Anastasia and the wildly popular American Revolution musical, Hamilton.

Before the aforementioned shows dazzle Memphis audiences, School of Rock, one of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s many stage creations, began Oct. 9.

Kennedy Ray
Under the Orpheum’s marquee shines a banner promoting School of Rock, one of Broadway legend Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hit shows. Native Memphian Sami Bray is part of the ensemble of kids who star in the show. The show rocked Memphis audiences until October 14, 2018.

Perhaps the most highly anticipated of all the shows is Hamilton, a musical integrating the life of the founding father, Alexander Hamilton, and the American Revolution that has received raving reviews on its debut in New York’s Broadway district. The show’s pending arrival has created a wave of excitement for theater enthusiasts across the Mid-South.

“I saw it in Chicago, and it was a million times better than anything I could have hoped for, and some of that cast is going to be on the national tour. It’s going to be so good,” Zoey Brewer (11), a student who works with the Orpheum and in the Memphis theater community, said.

Perhaps the 2018-19 Orpheum season is drawing so much excitement because the majority of the shows are so current. Waitress, On Your Feet!, Anastasia, Hamilton and School of Rock all debuted in the last three years. All of these productions, with the exception of On Your Feet! are still on Broadway, so the touring companies give people a chance to see the theatrical powerhouses in their own cities.

Is this the Orpheum’s best season yet? No one can say for sure, but we know that Memphis audiences will be offered an exciting, diverse and colorful array of shows all year long.

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