High school students expand their summers to pursue jobs

For the student body of White Station High School, summer vacation means extra time for activities such as sport practices, spa days or just hanging out with friends. For students like Carson Fu (10), though, summer means time to get to work.

Each year, high school students opt out of having typical childhood summers. Fu has worked two jobs, one at Baptist East Hospital and one at China Dragon, a family-owned restaurant that he played a large role in starting. Fu has been working as a intern since seventh grade, and he has been working as a budding entrepreneur since November of last year.

“Working over the summer is less stressful than working during the school time,” Fu said.

By seeking employment experience now, this generation is setting themselves up for success beyond school in the future.

“You really have to develop your responsibility skills, especially when you’re in school at the same time,” Fu said. “It’s a great opportunity.”

Students Fu’s age work summers to save money for college, or sometimes they work just to help their families out. Many high schoolers choose to explore the lives outside of the brick gray walls, and summertime is the perfect time to allow it to happen.

“I think everyone should have at least the chance to work when they’re young,” Fu said. “Kids are starting to take money for granted, and we shouldn’t be able to allow that to happen.”