It’s Okay

We walk the same halls, the same buildings and the same sidewalks every day. Many of us for four years. Some since middle school. And even a few since elementary school.

This has allowed people to create unbreakable bonds, to find comfort in friends, to create a routine.

But now that this school year is almost over, the seniors are preparing for their next adventure. And will the bonds that were created continue?

The answer will vary from person to person. Some desire and will succeed in holding onto these friendships. They picture their future selves living like Monica and Rachel from “Friends,” still hanging with high school besties. (Yes, I am fully aware that Monica and Rachel were better friends later in life than in high school. But it works for the parallel.)

Yet there are also those who want to move on but wonder if it’s okay to not keep up with long-held relationships. Some are just afraid to let go. But here’s the thing, whatever lay ahead after leaving high school is going to be exciting. You’re going to meet hundreds of new people, go on hundreds of new adventures.

It is okay to not be attached. It’s okay to cut ties.

No choice is wrong. No choice is right. It’s about what, to be cliché, makes you happy. So don’t be afraid to change your relationship to simply catching up over the phone or skype and a summer hangout.

We get older. We move on and go to different stages. Different points in our life will have different meanings and people. It’s inevitable. You know this, so be okay with it.