Behind the scenes of the marching band

As football season comes to a close, so does the marching band’s normal routine.

This routine begins in late July with band camp, which generally lasts up to three weeks.

“During band camp, we learn the field show for halftime at football games and the songs that we play,” Aaron Ford (10) said, who has played the trumpet in the marching band for two years.

As drum major, Breeze Smith (11) helps the band leaders direct the players.

“Conducting the band is cool because you get to hear the band from a whole different perspective,” Smith said.

After band camp ends, the band practices together, but specialized section practices also take place.

“We have section practices everyday, and we have them after school too,” said brass captain Jaden Ross (12), who has been in marching band for four years.

On football game days, the marching band comes to the game as a team to prepare for the performance.

“One of our drum majors leads a roll call for each of the sections, and it really hypes us all up before the game,” Ross said. The roll call takes place at each football game and each instrument section makes themselves known through a chant.

Overall, the marching band has experienced another successful marching season.

“On the conducting ladder, you get to see everyone’s faces, dancing, singing and smiling,” Smith said. “You see the student section, the game…you really get to see the whole Spartan football experience.”

Lora Lyons
The WSHS marching band plays at the football game against Christian Brothers High School.