Drake and 21 Savage’s ‘Her Loss’ album takes the internet by storm



Drake and 21 Savage are releasing their first collaborative album, “Her Loss,” on Nov. 4, 2022. This was the first album they fully collaborated on together.

Drake and 21 Savage pose for a fake Vogue photoshoot. Amid the release of “Her Loss,” Drake and 21 Savage created fake promo for their collaborative album. (GOOGLE IMAGES)
Drake and 21 Savage announce their collaborative album through their music video “Jimmy Cooks.” Their collaborative album “Her Loss” was delayed a week due to production issues. (GOOGLE IMAGES)

An album consisting mainly of Drake and 21 Savage seemed like a dream to some. After the major success of their song “Jimmy Cooks” in June, fans prayed they would hear the two collaborate again. Their dream became reality after the music video for “Jimmy Cooks” dropped on Oct. 22, revealing the two would be dropping a collaborative album together. After an almost five month wait, fans finally received their wish — an album from the two called “Her Loss.”

“I was ecstatic [for the album release],” Donovan Long (10) said. “As soon as it hit 11 o’clock … I played it immediately and just sat in my room and listened to it.”

Originally, the album was supposed to drop on Oct. 28, but due to production issues, it was announced that the album would be delayed until Nov. 4. While some fans were disappointed that they had to wait an extra week, others were understanding.

“[Drake] hasn’t dropped music in a while and when … rappers take their time … it means they are working … on a big project,” Shredni Davis (12) said. 

The album opens with the songs “Rich Flex,” “Major Distribution” and “On BS,” which are some of the most popular tracks on the album. The songs allowed Drake and 21 Savage to flex their wealth, trash-talk people and bounce off each other with an impeccable flow.

“‘Rich Flex’ is great,” Brian Franklin (10) said. “I think that is a great intro for the album, [and I] love that it had three different beats. The way that beat switched, then it dropped … was crazy [and] the little middle part with Drake … I loved it [and] it was amazing.”

“Her Loss” brought an essence of Drake that was different from his last album “Honestly, Nevermind.” Unlike “Honestly, Nevermind,” which consisted mainly of house and dance music, “Her Loss” reminded fans that the Drake they grew up listening to was still present. 

“[The album was a lot of] old Drake and I think you’ve got to thank 21 Savage for that because … 21 Savage … was that guy that hopped in the booth with Drake and really encouraged Drake to go off,” Franklin said. “In a lot of the beats like, ‘Middle of the Ocean,’ for example, that was definitely one of the older types of Drake songs.”

Although most fans were happy about Drake and 21 Savage’s collaborative album, some felt like it was a Drake album with 21 Savage as a featured artist. The album consisted of 16 songs, with Drake having four solo songs and most of the verses, while 21 Savage only had one song by himself.

“I would have liked to hear more 21 Savage, but I feel like 21 Savage was more of a compliment to what Drake had and Drake was more of a compliment to what 21[Savage] had,” Franklin said. “I would have been fine with 10 extra minutes of 21 [Savage].”

Even though line distribution problems brought a lot of attention to the album, the biggest controversy was the song “Circo Loco.” In “Circo Loco,” Drake supposedly discredited Megan Thee Stallion with a line supposedly implying that Megan Thee Stallion was lying about being shot by Tory Lanez in 2020 and caused many to boycott the album.

“I feel like it’s kind of childish [the supposed diss Drake threw at Megan Thee Stallion] for Drake to get into such petty drama, especially at his age, with his status [and] … put down a woman like that,”  Dylan Nixon (11) said. “[However], it isn’t a turn off from the music … it’s just … childish.”

Despite the production delay, line distribution dispute and drama surrounding the album, the chemistry between Drake and 21 Savage tied the album together. Some feel that the chemistry between the two rappers made up for everything the album lacked and managed to draw back focus to their music, rather than the controversies surrounding it. Though Drake and 21 Savage are not similar rappers, when they came together, many felt they balanced each other well. Overall, the album brought lots of mixed emotions and opinions, but if there was one thing that could not be questioned, it was the chemistry the two rappers had with each other.

“They have great chemistry… I thought they would be able to make a lot of hits and they did,” Nixon said. “I think that every Drake album should be a Drake and 21 Savage album from now on. Their chemistry is perfect.”