‘Midnights’: Taylor Swift’s most raw album yet



Taylor Swift is launching her tenth and most recent album, “Midnights.” Fans grew anxious as she released her titles through Midnight Madness on the Taylor Swift Instagram leading to the album’s launch on Oct. 22, 2022.


Taylor Swift began her music career in 2006, releasing her debut album, “Taylor Swift.” Over the years, she has acquired many different reputations; heartbreaker, hopeless romantic and villain. Every album released over the past 16 years has had a unique style and aesthetic. Her tenth and most recent album, “Midnights,” is just another for the books. 

“I really liked the [new ‘Midnights’] album,” Sani Coleman (12) said. “It definitely was different [from her other albums] and felt like a new version of Taylor Swift than she has put in her albums and I kinda loved that. It is more glamorous than the other albums, and I really liked that it seemed like her new era.”

The release of “Midnights” emphasized Taylor Swift’s fashion to draw out a release and leave fans with easter eggs. One of the most notable releases was the 3 a.m. tracks, a special incentive to stay awake until 3 a.m. for seven more songs.

“I thought [the 3 a.m. tracks] were so good because the lyrics were just so beautiful,” Ava Blair (12) said. “I kinda do think [the 3 a.m. tracks upstage the rest of the album], and I wish that she should have switched some of the 3 a.m. songs with some of the bad songs like ‘Vigilante S**t,’ ‘Sweet Nothing’ and probably ‘Bejeweled’.”

Some fans were disappointed by different songs in the original release of the “Midnights” album. However, other songs are giving the album a fantastic reputation. 

“I think this album will be one of Taylor Swift’s most successful albums since it’s a mix of so many other albums,” Blair said. “People don’t really like it right now, but that is exactly how every single one of her releases is, and then it becomes a staple.”

Controversy has also graced the recent release. The “Midnights” album has been drawn out into a week long release where multiple videos and easter eggs were spread across the internet. As part of this slow burn, a music video for “Anti-Hero” was one of the first videos to reach fans’ screens. The song touches upon challenging issues in Swift’s past, but many viewers reacted negatively. 

“People didn’t like the part of the ‘Anti-Hero’ video where she showed a scale that said fat,” Blair said. “The song is about her own insecurities, but a lot of the drama was about how she was using ‘fat’ as a negative term.”

Later, Swift re-edited the video to remove the sensitive content. Other parts of Swift’s promotions have been gaining lots of attention. 

“I liked the Spotify videos because they go with each song,” Coleman said. “I like that they are filmed on her phone because [it] makes it more real. [Using a phone to record promos for a self-realization album] creates a connection to show that she is being really honest.” 

Following the re-release of “Red,” Swift’s fourth album, “Midnights” is meant to show the introspection that comes with a breakup. Since “Red” idealizes toxic love, “Midnights” offers the raw truth of love. 

“This album is like the awareness that comes after a breakup. I think that [‘Midnights’ being released after ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’] shows the raw moments after a breakup since ‘Red’ is about a breakup.” 

The album seems to be one of Taylor Swift’s best works so far, addressing current issues and incorporating other artists into the album. As fans sit with the lyrics, many believe the album will gain more representation for the maturity it conveys. 

“I think all of her albums represent a different part of her and each one is a different era of Taylor Swift,” Coleman said. “This album is so much more mature than the other ones, and it gives a senior and self-realization vibe. It is really just an album about self-exploration.”