Where to unwind in Memphis this spring



Elias Clements (11), Jared Rawlings (12), Viviana Figueroa (11) and Kathy Lam (11) watch as Justice Clark (11) hangs from a tree at the Cancer Survivor Park. This group gathered to break away from the stresses of hybrid schooling during the spring of 2021.

As the season of new beginnings is around the corner, it is helpful to know spots around Memphis to relax and enjoy the warmer weather. The following descriptions are a couple of recommended spots in Memphis to unravel and enjoy life at.


As you enter Railgarten, multiple sensations will hit you at once. The smell of steaming and flavorful food. The light scratch of sand drifting low in the wind on your legs. Sounds of joyful laughs, glasses clicking and childish screams. Railgarten provides an endless amount of opportunities to distract yourself from the chaos of life and enjoy the better aspects of it. This place contains activities for any type of person from live wires to trivia lovers. Some of the activities include playing sand volleyball with a group of friends, grabbing a booth and some drinks, playing in the playground, throwing a football, swinging on the tire, playing Mega Jenga, competing in trivia events or even enjoying a movie on the projector screen. Filled with fun energy, Railgarten is a great group hangout spot when searching for lively activities.. 

Streets of Downtown:

Downtown Memphis is another great location to hone that friend group connection. This section of town combines multiple aspects of what makes up Memphis, giving it a wild and action-packed sense. The urban location guarantees a random entertainer on the side of the street, friendly people to strike up conversation with, creative graffiti on buildings that display Memphis pride and numerous food services ranging from high end to low end. It is almost impossible to ignore the scooters at every corner waiting to be cruised on to explore everything the location offers. Downtown is welcoming to an adventurous individual as well as friend groups looking for excitement.

Cancer Survivor Park: 

Only a short walk away from White Station High School, this park lies open to anyone looking for an easy way to destress after a long day of learning. Surrounded by a huge grass field, large trees create a refreshing shadow from the sun to lie under or even for a picnic date. As spring arrives, many animals start to appear, adding a liveliness to the park. The big lake is the perfect place to watch the baby ducks, skip rocks with friends or enjoy the serenity of wind by the bank.  A trip to this park provides you with endless opportunities on how to spend your free time.

Shelby Farms: 

Located in the heart of Memphis, Shelby Farms park is another place with endless potential. From taking a stroll around Hyde Lake to adventuring through the treetop obstacle course, you are guaranteed to enjoy any time here, whether it is relaxed or intense. I would recommend taking some friends to the big playground with a red spider web to climb and even sand filled sections to relax and dissolve into the lighthearted atmosphere. Throughout the park, you are also guaranteed to see animal life ranging from deer to even buffalo herds. One of the largest urban parks in the country, Shelby Farms allows its visitors to enjoy the simple elements of nature and learn to appreciate them.

Memphis Escape Room: 

Looking for a challenging and fun adventure? The Memphis Escape Room is a perfect late evening group activity. Confusingly traversing through their complex escape room puzzles sends everyone into laughter and panic as you try to solve these. Be careful to not underestimate how hard these puzzles can be; it won’t be so calm when everyone is worried and excited while racing against time to find the clues. Whether or not your friend group makes it out safely, you all are guaranteed to remember the trip.