A night in the spotlight


Hana White (10) captivates the audience with her music at the Scribbler Coffee house. Photo courtesy of Collins Dillard.

Your hands are shaking, your heart is beating, your eyes are blinded by the spotlight. Every second seems like eternity and every breath feels like silence. You’re ready, ready to give it your all; ready to win or lose. 

That’s exactly how sophomores Hana White, Ben Armstrong, and Regi Worles felt before their performance at the Scribbler Coffee House on November 1st.

The Scribbler is an art and literature magazine that strives on bringing entertainment and creativity to students. The Scribbler Coffee House was held to raise money for subscriptions and to involve students in the art of performing.

White sang and played guitar. Her last solo performance was in her middle school talent show, where she forgot her lyrics and walked off stage.

The coffee house was the perfect opportunity to muster up the courage to perform in front of strangers again. White was engulfed by compliments, and she looks forward to perhaps even starting a band. “We’ll mainly do folk music,” said White with an eager smile.

Armstrong entertained students with his lively stand-up comedy. Ben came to the coffee house feeling unprepared and nervous.

“I felt sick when I walked in. Watching all the musical people go before me with all their talent really discouraged me, but I was forced on stage by my friends,” Armstrong said.

Soon after Armstrong started, he felt more outgoing and relaxed. His friends and fellow classmates encouraged him on, and before long, Ben felt completely confident.

“Putting yourself out there and being sure of yourself can do a lot for you,” stated Armstrong, “Self-confidence goes quite a long way.”

Worles was another student who sang at the coffee house. Worles was accustomed to acting and singing with fellow classmates and was last seen as Mr. Mushnik in Little Shop of Horrors.

“Performing was probably the most frightening thing I have done in my life, but it was very worth it, because I now have the confidence to perform again in the future,” said Regi.

The Scribbler is also planning a second coffee house in January. Stay tuned to the WSHS Scribbler page for further details about this exciting event!