The man, the myth, the meme: the reveal of ‘Spartamemes’



Jokes such as a fake freshmen pool party at the nonexistent East Annex pool have become a trademark of “Spartamemes.” This flyer fooled many underclassmen, and many students joined in on the prank.

If you have Instagram, you have probably stumbled across a White Station meme and maybe even sent it to a friend. “Spartamemes,” an Instagram meme page with content about White Station from pranks on the freshman class to private school rivalries, has brought joy to students and teachers with each new meme. But who is behind these images? 

On March 5, 2019, the first post on “Spartamemes” was released, thus creating a new way for students to show Spartan pride, connect with fellow students and even diss other schools. 

“I started it because, for some reason, a meme page from a high school in Florida popped up on my explore page,” the admin of “Spartamemes” said. “I thought that was funny, so I looked through their stuff, and they had some really good posts. I realized: ‘Oh, nobody’s done that for White Station. I think I could do that; that would be kind of funny.’”

“Spartamemes” has covered every aspect of White Station life and has created a community for students to joke around in. Through student submissions and meme competitions, the students of White Station have been a primary source of content. 

“I think what makes ‘Spartamemes’ special is that it’s stuff you can relate to on a very specific level,” Ian McMillin (12), a contributor to the account, said. “It’s an inside joke with the other about 1000 followers of the account. Sometimes you’ll see a meme someone else made and think, ‘Oh yeah, that really fits, and like that’s really funny.’”

Throughout COVID-19 and the admin’s senior year, there was less of a variety of topics to post about, causing the meme page to become deserted. However, the admin is planning to continue posting through the rest of this school year and is searching for a new owner for the account.

“I don’t want the page to die, so I’m going to be looking potentially to find a replacement in the next month,” the admin said. “[If there is] anybody who is interested and can prove that they can make some memes, I would definitely be willing to let them run the page.”

With only a handful of people knowing who owns the meme page, the identity of “Spartamemes” has largely remained a secret for the past two years. Originally, the admin’s anonymity was used as protection if they ever did do anything to anger the school, but over time the mysterious persona has caused the page to be even more intriguing. 

“It was kind of fun [remaining anonymous] because I would overhear people talking about the meme page or see some of my friends comment on it not knowing it was me,” the admin said. 

Many students have guessed, and some have even gotten close, but the owner is finally ready to reveal their identity. Now, to finally answer the age-old question, the face behind the “best Spartan meme page” is none other than Graham Ross (12).

“It’s been a really fun ride,” Ross said. “This has definitely enhanced my high school experience, and I’ve really enjoyed seeing people send in content to the page. I’m really thankful to the students of White Station for supporting this so far.”