Heads-in-a-box: senior college edition

What was your reaction to being accepted into an Ivy, and what was your application process like? 

“I was super surprised,” Graham Ross said. “I was in disbelief at first because Cornell was one of my number one schools. I knew how crazy the admissions process was going to be, so I wasn’t really expecting to get into Cornell. Overall, I know how blessed I am to have this opportunity. I’m incredibly grateful for all the sacrifices my parents have made to help me along the way.”

What made you decide to choose UT Knox and what benefits does the university offer you?

“I really wanted to go to a big school that was in-state and I really loved the campus,” Julie Zacher said. “I’m also planning on majoring in psychology, and they have lots of cool research opportunities! I really fell in love with their honors program; its main goal is making sure you get a well-rounded education.”

What factors helped you decide to choose the Naval Academy, and how do you see yourself growing there? 

“I attended a virtual program over the summer before my senior year which allowed me to explore what the school had to offer,” Peter McKissack said. “I also wanted to join the military service much like my previous family members, and I found that the United States Naval Academy was the best fit for me. As many have stated to me before, the Naval Academy is a pressure cooker for leaders and that environment will allow me to grow further in my leadership skills as well as my athletic and academic talent.”

How does CalArts represent you as a person academically?

“I believe CalArts can help me enhance my artistry and grow more as a person,” Joshua Hill said. “The school was founded by Walt Disney himself, so I feel it’s an “engine” for success. I’m attending that school for two reasons: Acting and Flute Performance. The pre-screening and live auditions with my future professors were more than enough to solidify my decision. They immediately gave me helpful feedback that could help my performance. I’m also confident that I’ll be able to shine in their social environment, and it’s very accepting!”

How did Morehouse College grab your attention, and what makes it different from other colleges?

“Morehouse College grabbed my attention because of its rich history, not only because of Martin Luther King Jr. going there but many other black men who brought about change in different ways,” Brayden Nash said. “A great campus in the middle of a great city like Atlanta, coupled with interesting school traditions, made Morehouse College all the more attractive.”

What inspired you to pursue a degree at Baptist Health Sciences?

“I was drawn to medical radiology because of all my sports injuries I’ve had in the past,” McKenzie Cornell said. “I was very interested in my X-rays and have taken home a copy of every one of them…there were quite a few. I wanted to go into the medical field but for someone who doesn’t like school. Being a doctor is not always the best idea because that comes with a ton of school after high school. That is where I found medical radiology and where I found Baptist; there aren’t a lot of colleges that offer medical radiology as a major or a bachelor’s degree.”

What helped or inspired your decision to pursue a degree at Dyersburg State Community College?

“I got offered a soccer scholarship, and the coach gave me a tour. I just fell in love with the medical wing!”