Mentorship clubs going strong despite virtual obstacles


Kyla Randle/The Scroll

Members of L.O.V.E. discuss how their day and week has been. During the beginning of the meeting, students share one good thing that made their week better.

Many students lack the opportunity to learn how to improve themselves through clubs. The Ladies of Virtue and Excellence (L.O.V.E.) club and Next Gen Men club allow students to learn different skills with peers and mentors about success, leadership and confidence. The clubs achieve their goals by staying active during the virtual school year with meetings and activities.

The Next Gen Men club strives to improve young men’s lives by offering them mentors and friends to guide them through school and life. Darius James, Biology and Honors/AP Computer Science Principles teacher and sponsor for the Next Gen Men club, believes that the club has a good impact on the members. 

“Next Gen is a faith-based mentorship program for aspiring agents of change,” James said. “Throughout this mentorship program, we talk about faith, integrity, leadership and interpersonal skills.”

During meetings, members discuss the values of being a part of the organization and how they can use these skills to make a difference in themselves and others. The club gives young men the chance to gain guidance that is not accessible to all.

“I created this club to bridge a gap that I have seen in some of my male students–—a need for a positive male influence in their life that they have access to,” James said.

L.O.V.E. strives to connect young ladies with peers to discuss topics to boost their character and etiquette. Trinity Whitehead (11), president of L.O.V.E., created the club this school year to promote her vision for young ladies. 

“I created this club due to the constant observation of the misconduct of young ladies in society and lack of knowledge of proper etiquette that we as young ladies have,” Whitehead said.

Despite virtual meetings, Blake Shirley (11), along with many others, remain a part of Next Gen Men to receive more mentorship and knowledge.

“[I enjoy] the consistent discipleship we get to share, as well as the other perspectives the members and Mr. James provides and the wisdom [Mr. James] teaches,” Shirley said.

At each meeting, students participate in a variety of activities. Whether it is discussing topics happening in the world or playing icebreaker games to learn more about each other, Raelon Dahmer (12) believes that L.O.V.E. is making a difference. 

“I feel this club will help girls to be more confident and form bonds with people who they might’ve not known before,” Dahmer said. “It’s allowing them to share and discuss topics that they might not be able to [discuss] with others and having something in common when it is discussed.”

With there being so many clubs students could join this year, students joined L.O.V.E. and Next Gen Men because they liked being a part of a club that is supportive, engaging and particularly stood out among others.

“I wanted a fellowship of Christian people to talk to, as it’s so important yet so rare these days, especially at school,” Shirley said.

By participating in  L.O.V.E., young ladies become more enlightened about themselves and society. The club lets students learn and ask questions in a safe space with others just like them. 

“This club coordinates with the effectiveness of having a better persona of us as young ladies, so we are better set for the world around us,” Whitehead said. 

By joining L.O.V.E. and Next Gen Men, students can be a part of an organization, learn more and meet new people. This gives students a chance to make new friendships and gain more knowledge on topics that aren’t talked about in other clubs and conversations. 

“I wanted to be able to form relationships with other girls in our school and help mentor and guide those that are younger since I’m a senior and have experienced a lot through high school,” Dahmer said. “Being a part of this club makes me feel empowered and not alone.”