COVID-19 challenges student athletes to stay committed


Lora Lyons

Mario Robinsion (10) sets up with his team, in preparation for a play. Due to quarantine rules, Spartan athletes are finding new ways to stay fit from home.

Sporting events all across the world have been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, from the remainder of the NBA season to the 2020 Summer Olympics. Not only are big-time athletes modifying their schedules, but Spartan athletes are also making adjustments to stay fit during the pandemic.

“The season is over so there are no more practices, no games, nothing because of quarantine,” soccer player Joshua Wilkes (11) said.

Not only are spring athletes suffering from the cancellation of their seasons, but COVID-19 is also affecting those who play in the fall. Nonetheless, dedicated players are finding alternative ways to stay fit and improve their skills. 

“We aren’t able to have spring practice for next year’s season, so I’ve been working out on my own, which gives me more time to work on things I need to get better at,” football player Mario Robinson (10) said. “I haven’t really had access to the type of equipment that the school has and haven’t been able to train against other people, but I do have more time to study plays and watch film.”

With the new social distancing guidelines, it is more important than ever for team members to stay in touch with each other. Coaches have been checking in with their players about grades, sending at-home workouts and providing information about summer teams to play for. Although teams cannot meet as a whole, many have been able to gather in small groups to practice and enjoy each other’s company.

“It was tough at first, but just like everyone else, I knew I had to make sacrifices,” football player Brady Buchheit (10) said. “This will affect everyone’s team in a major way, but we just have to come back hard and prepare ourselves for it.”