SCS offers 3rd quarter grade improvement opportunity for students


Shelby County Schools

With strict guidelines set in place for this extra credit opportunity, students who complete their assignments will see their report cards changed for the better. A list of all grade improvement assignments can be found here. Students who lack adequate access to technology may also request a paper copy of these assignments.

Inspiration, dedication and persistence. For the thousands of students in Shelby County Schools who fell short of their desired grades, there now exists a fair opportunity to improve their third quarter average. Moreover, the district not only offers this opportunity to those who did not earn suitables school marks, but to all students regardless of quarter three grades, GPA or scheduled courses.

While the extension of school closure has gradually turned into a definite cancellation, it is likely that the third quarter grade will be used as the entire second semester average. For many students, the disadvantages and consequences of having the school year cut short can be immense.

“I think it’s really unfair to cut quarter three off and not have a quarter four, but I think it [the District’s grade improvement plan] was designed to help students who got cut off at quarter three who had no idea that they weren’t going to have quarter four,” Principal Carrye Holland said.

From April 28 to May 1, principals, teachers and administrators contacted Shelby County Schools students to inform them of the district’s grade improvement plan. A minimum of three and maximum of five points could potentially be added to students’ third quarter grade. These points, though, aren’t free.

“I have always believed that granting extra points for AP and Honors was counterproductive. In this case, I can see some legitimacy because they are asking students to complete a task to receive these points,” AP U.S. History teacher Michael Stephenson said. 

Grade improvement points are rewarded based on the merit, accuracy and completion of assignments. No matter how excellent an assignment, a teacher is not allowed to add points to a student’s quarter three grade if that grade exceeds a 100 for traditional classes, 103 for honors classes or 105 for AP classes. All assignments must be submitted by May 11 at 11:59 p.m.

“I had a really bad grade [in honors pre-calculus] the whole third quarter …but now, with the extra credit, I was able to turn it into an A,” Alice Yuan (10) said.

With a great opportunity at hand to bring up the entire semester average with one assignment, the decision of whether or not to take on this challenge lies with students.