The murder, mayhem and madness you don’t want to miss


Courtesy of NETFLIX

Joe Exotic sporting his signature platinum mullet while getting cozy with a tiger. Netflix’s hit documentary series Tiger King brings all the excitement you could ask for—and more.

Shocking, bizarre and sometimes downright vile, Netflix’s hit documentary series Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness is nothing short of sensational. The madness follows Joseph “Joe Exotic” Allen Maldonado-Passage, a gay polygamist zoo owner in backcountry Oklahoma who, among other awful things, was convicted of a murder-for-hire plot and is now serving a 22-year sentence. The show highlights the plights and plots that surrounded Joe and the G.W. Zoo, bringing special attention to Joe’s constant battles with his sworn nemesis Carole Baskin. 

A flower crown-wearing, big cat sanctuary-owning millionaire, Carole Baskin is determined to take down Joe and his zoo, and she has all the resources to do it. Joe does have some leverage on Carole, though—namely, he isn’t afraid to tarnish her name. Joe is particularly vocal about Carole’s supposed involvement in her ex-husband Don Lewis’s disappearance. Don had mysteriously disappeared years ago, and while there’s no evidence to incriminate Carole, the circumstances cast her in an all-too suspicious light. According to Joe, she fed her husband to a tiger—now that would get rid of a body for sure. 

If murder mysteries and conspiracies weren’t enough, get ready for the charming Bhagavan “Doc” Antle, another big cat owner… who seems to own girls too. At his zoo, Myrtle Beach Safari, girls parade around in leopard-print thongs, seemingly happy as can be. But underneath the gleaming smiles and busty implants is something much more sinister—a sex cult, to be exact. According to Barbara Fisher, a former employee, girls at the zoo toil day and night with little pay, and sleeping with the man in charge is the only option to make life easier for them. Talk about bizarre. 

The murder, mayhem and madness don’t stop there—that was but the first three episodes. Truly, the series takes its viewers into an entirely different world, something we all crave while stuck in quarantine. If you haven’t seen Tiger King, give it a shot. Trust me, you will hear its roar.