International Club hosts Fusion


Aisha Gupta/ Used with permission

Fusion performers group together after the program. There were a variety of performances, including dance and violin.

After weeks of preparation, the International Club hosted Fusion, a multicultural showcase, on Friday, March 6. The program featured a variety of student-performed acts, ranging from Bollywood fusion dances to a fashion show.

“It’s nice to see people appreciating cultures and showing them to people who might not know a lot about them,” Elaine Lee (11) said.

Lee was the master of ceremonies for the program; she was asked to MC by Aisha Gupta (11), who organized the event. 

“I liked the idea of being able to experience a part of different cultures that you don’t get to see when you’re at school,” Lee said. 

It had been two years since the program had last shown before Gupta started it back up; this posed an issue when the International Club began to spread the word.

“It was kind of hard getting more people to participate in it, because people hadn’t heard of it because we didn’t have it for two years,” Lee said. “But it was pretty good for the first time back.”

The International Club plans to host Fusion again next school year, and they are hoping it will continue to grow.

“I just hope more people choose to come out next time because it was so fun,” Lee said.