Up to bat: softball season starts


Michelle Le

Starting pitcher Elena Murtaugh (12) practices pitches for upcoming games. When playing against specific opponents, head coach Alberson names the types of pitches that Murtaugh should complete, such as fastballs, curveballs and sliders. One of her goals this season is to pitch a no-hitter game, meaning that no batters will make it to base safely.

With the onset of spring, softball season begins as the Lady Spartans prepare to deliver more dingers, fast pitches and stolen bases. The first game of the season is quickly approaching, and the team has put in the work needed to meet their goals. 

Though seven seniors graduated last season, the freshman heavy team is set to grow and potentially improve. 

“I’m hoping to reload,” head coach Bob Alberson said. “This could be a rebuilding year… We play a lot of games, so I want to be able to be very competitive, but at the same time, I want us to do a lot of learning because a lot of younger people are going to be playing a position this year.” 

Against more challenging rivals, such as Whitehaven and St. Agnes, Captain Elena Murtaugh (12) guarantees that the team will play their hardest.

“I know there will be effort in every single game,” Murtaugh said. “I think we’ll fight to the seventh inning, so we might lose, might win, but there will always be effort… When we play harder teams, we tend to play better; we rise up to their level, so it just depends on composure… and just playing inning by inning.”

With their strategic mindsets, players have high ambitions for this season. 

“We lost our title to Whitehaven last year, but I really do think we’re going to win it back this year,” second-year player Makaylia Walton (10) said. “My goal is to go undefeated this year.”

Although the softball team has its bases loaded for a successful season, no matter the outcome Alberson vouches for the strength of the entire team.

“I think as a whole our team will be closer, our attitudes are a lot better and everyone has a common goal this year… We have a lot of selfless players,” he said. “We’re going to be fun to watch no matter what.”