Senior picnic gives seniors a break and bonding opportunity

Senior year. The last chance to get to know your class before you separate for the rest of your lives. White station faculty wanted to give students a chance to bond together while also taking a break from the stress of college applications, scholarship research and other stressful decisions. 

The senior picnic cost $35 and was for all seniors to enjoy.

“I’m excited to hang out with my class.” Bayley Jones (12) said.

Faculty rented out attractions such as a velcro wall, inflatable obstacle courses, pedal cart racing, cornhole, inflatable basketball hoops and board/card games.

Coach Quentin Johnson was also playing music the whole time. Students joined together to dance to crowd favorites like “Electric Slide,” “Cupid Shuffle,” “Turbo Hustle,” even “Cotton Eye Joe.”

Food was catered by the Honey Baked Ham Co. so every student got a sandwich with chips, a cookie and a soda.

Faculty enjoyed the picnic as well, with adults like Ms. Durham, Mrs. Heaston, Coach Johnson, and Mrs. Brown-Malone dancing and bonding with the Class of 2020 as well.

Around 150 seniors attended and enjoyed the festivities for five hours and left feeling relaxed and better connected with their fellow seniors. 

“I wasn’t sure how fun it would be, but I actually had a really great time just being with my class.” Allie Williams (12) said.