A look into possible 2020 fashion trends


Models from the Tom Ford and Pacco Rabanne runway wear elements taken from different eras, including 80s disco collars and 70s oversized suits. While incorporating old elements, the looks evolve by making the looks gender neutral and adding neon colors.

Silver Chains. Neon colors. Cowboy accessories. These characteristics may seem unrelated but were all forefronts of pop-culture fashion in 2019. As society moves into 2020, so will fashion trends.

Many fashion trends from 2019 stemmed from social media. Trends denoted as “VSCO” and “E-boy/E-girl” initially surfaced on the popular app TikTok. Although it is considered a meme, this trend has far-reaching implications for gender roles as the “E-boy” trend popularized men wearing more jewelry.

“A lot of the younger generations are a lot more open to androgenous, gender-fluid fashion. We are seeing guys on the red carpet with dresses… [and] girls on the red carpet with sharp suits,” Emma Henry (12) said. “It’ll become less stigmatized to mix-up gendered clothing.”

According to the 2020 spring/summer fashion shows that aired a few months prior, fashion is retreating back to the trends of the earlier decades.

“I think a lot of vintage stuff is coming back, especially because of thrifting… it’s super cheap and easier to wear,” Quintin Zielinsky (12) said.

Not only is vintage clothing popular because of its affordability but also because of its sustainability.

“I feel like fast fashion and ethical production are going to be a big topic [in 2020],” Henry said. “We see a lot of cheap and highly consumable fashion, not ethically sourced cotton, underpaid workers and sweatshops— that’s coming to light a lot more now.”

Despite the upcoming trends, an outfit can look great with just one accessory: confidence.

“You feel more confident when you wear cool stuff. When you put a cool outfit on, you feel confident and good about yourself,” Zielinsky said.