Justin Bieber returns with “Changes”: is it a hit or miss?


The Daily Beast

After a two and a half year hiatus, Justin Bieber returned to mainstream music with the release of his album “Changes,” which fully debuted on Valentine’s Day. Bieber’s goal was to make the soundtrack more R&B instead of his usual pop melody.

When you think of a classic Justin Bieber album, you think of songs that make you want to scream the lyrics and dance; however, the release of his newest album, “Changes,” did not do it for me.

As an avid fan of his single “Yummy,” which was a promotion for this album, I expected the rest of the future album to be as catchy. Then, when he released his second song of the album, “Intentions,” my interest and excitement peaked a little more, especially after seeing an unexpected collaboration with the rapper Quavo. However, when the album dropped on Feb. 14, I was shocked about how the new album lacked meaningful lines and how easy the lyrics were to forget.

After waiting two and a half years for new content, most people expected the release to blow up unlike anything he has ever done. To this aspect, he did not disappoint. With new life changes such as getting married to Hailey Baldwin last year and quitting “delinquent” behavior, his music also settled down. 

“Changes” definitely reflects his new lifestyle, but does it do his music justice? No. While listening to the album in order, I was waiting for the beat drop that would get everyone on their feet. Sadly, this beat never came, and I was left disappointed, sitting down.

Overall, Bieber’s goal of having a chiller, R&B album was accomplished, but to fans like me, the drastic change was a huge mistake, making his debut back to mainstream music a flop.