Working wonders with woodwork


Kyla Randle

Travis Lewis (12) displays one of his wooden lanterns. Lewis builds these types of wooden lanterns for people.

For many students, balancing schoolwork and extracurriculars can be a lot of work. Senior Travis Lewis, however, is an exception.

Since last fall, Lewis and his sister Sarah Lewis, a graduate of WSHS, have been running a carpentry business in their spare time.

It first began with Sarah showing her brother’s creations to members of their church. Since then, many people at the Lewis’ church have taken a keen interest in his wooden lanterns and other carvings.

“I showed them pictures of the lanterns that Travis was building for me, and they just loved them,” Sarah Lewis said.

Although his business is relatively new, Travis has been building since he was little. “My dad showed me how to do stuff when I was younger and ever since then I’ve always enjoyed woodworking.”

He is very passionate about building and enjoys doing it as a diversion from reality.

“Enjoying building has led me to keep on doing it. It’s just [that] I really enjoy focusing on a task for a long time,” he said. “Once I start building in my workshop, I can stay there for hours in a day and forget what time it is.”

Although he is an athlete, he believes having hobbies other than football is important.

“It’s pretty awesome because I know during football season when I was playing and needed a little bit of a break, I would do some woodworking,” Lewis said. “It would clear my mind because I realized there’s a lot more to do than just football.”